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  1. The term Indochina (originally Indo-China) was coined in the early nineteenth century, emphasizing the historical cultural influence of Indian and Chinese civilizations on the area. The term was later adopted as the name of the colony of French Indochina (today's Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam ). Today, the term, Mainland Southeast Asia, in contrast to Maritime Southeast Asia, is more commonly referenced.

  2. Oct 16, 2019 · French Indochina was the collective name for the French colonial regions of Southeast Asia from colonization in 1887 to independence and the subsequent Vietnam Wars of the mid-1900s. During the colonial era, French Indochina was made up of Cochin-China, Annam, Cambodia, Tonkin, Kwangchowan, and Laos .

  3. Indochina, also called French Indochina until 1950, is the area of Southeast Asia that included the former French colonial empire in the region, and several other countries that make up the Indochinese Peninsula, or Mainland Southeast Asia. The geographical name for a group of countries that fall within the sphere of influence of China to the east and the Indian sub-continent to the west, it was originally used as a term to describe the heritage and languages of the inhabitants of the area ...

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  5. Dec 23, 1992 · Indochine: Directed by Régis Wargnier. With Catherine Deneuve, Vincent Perez, Linh-Dan Pham, Jean Yanne. Eliane adopts Camille, whose Vietnamese parents were friends. In 1930, a French navy officer is interested in Eliane (owns 60km2 plantation) and later in Camille. There's an uprising in Vietnam against French colonial power.

  6. Aug 1, 2017 · The term Indochina refers to the mainland region of Southeast Asia. The following countries are considered part of Indochina: Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, and the peninsula of Malaysia. This term, originally known as Indo-China, was developed during the early 1800’s and used to refer to the geographical areas under Indian and Chinese cultural influence due to its location between the 2 countries.

  7. The French Indochina War broke out in 1946 and went on for eight years, with France’s war effort largely funded and supplied by the United States. Finally, with their shattering defeat by the Viet Minh at the Battle of Dien Bien Phu in May 1954, the French came to the end of their rule in Indochina.

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