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  1. Jul 09, 2020 · Pair kids up in teams of two or let them pick a partner. With each pair standing side by side, use a bandana, scarf, or piece of fabric to tie the inside legs of each member of the duo together to create the shared third leg. Mark your starting and stopping points, then let the race begin!

  2. May 05, 2020 · Create a Race-Car Track: Use your painter’s tape (or opt for this super cool race-track tape) to make a huge road system for your kids’ matchbox cars.Think outside the box and have the track scale furniture and other obstacles (just make sure it’s something you don’t mind toy vehicles being “driven” over).

  3. Our go kart track is the ultimate for those who want to experience pace and power in a fun and competitive environment. Master the track and take on your mates on one of Sydney’s best and most extreme go kart tracks. Once you have taken on the lanes and burned around the apex you can move onto our awesome paint ball in our indoor arena.

  4. “We celebrated my son’s 10th year birthday at Speeders. We got the party deal and were permitted to bring food and drinks to the party room. I applaud the staff for being safety conscious, on and off the tracks. The kids enjoyed their ride and were quick to learn how to drive the carts. It was worth every dollar spent!”

  5. All junior racers will need to be at least 48” (4’) tall to race on track. All teen/adult racers will need to be at least 58” (4’10”) to race our larger, faster go-karts. IMPORTANT: Meeting the height requirement is not a guarantee you’ll be able to race our karts. Drivers will be measured at the location and must be able to safely ...

  6. We are the first two-story, two-track indoor electric go-karting facility in the country and offer something for everyone. We have Junior Karts for our racers ages 6-12 which go 20mph, Pro Karts that speed by at 40mph for racers ages 13 and older, and are one of the first facilities in the country with EFD Shifter Karts for our racers ages 16 ...

  7. MeetPro is our on-site scoring software for Cross Country and Track and Field. Its cutting-edge features include customizable web feeds and live results. It integrates in real-time with DirectAthletics and TFRRS.

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