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  1. (PDF) A Model for Hub Indentification in Air Transportation ... › publication › 228304376_A

    dados da INFRAERO obtivemos 6,88 h ubs para freqüências (MOVDOM), 3,53 hubs para passageiros (PAXDOM), 2,45 h ubs para carga (CARDOM), e 1,66 h ubs para mala postal (MALDOM) (Figura 5).

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    Find link is a tool written by ... Hilbert's definition of a regular ... "Terminal 2 do aeroporto de Brasília recebe voos regulares" (in Portuguese). Infraero. 1 ...

  3. A model to identify airport hubs and their importance to ... › science › article

    Jan 01, 2010 · In spite of the huge importance of hubs, there is little consensus among scholars regarding a precise definition for a hub. As an example, Burghouwt (2007) provides a list of fifteen definitions from different scholars. Nevertheless, it is possible to identify some congruence among these definitions. One of them is the word ‘concentration’.

    • Tiago F.G. Costa, Gui Lohmann, Alessandro V.M. Oliveira
    • 91
    • 2010
  4. brasilia international airport : definition of brasilia ... › brasilia international airport

    Infraero, the state-run organization, will remain with 49% of the shares of the company incorporated for the administration. [ 12 ] [ 13 ] The Brazilian Integrated Air Traffic Control and Air Defense Center section 1 ( Cindacta I ) is located in the vicinity of the airport.

  5. sao paulo guarulhos international airport : definition of sao ... › sao paulo guarulhos

    Nov 28, 2001 · On 31 August 2009, Infraero unveiled a BRL1,489.5 million (USD784.7 million; EUR549.8 million) investment plan to upgrade Guarulhos International Airport, focusing on preparations for the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the Summer Olympics in 2016 which will be held in Brazil, São Paulo being one of the venue cities.

  6. (PDF) A model to identify airport hubs and their importance ... › publication › 46507207_A

    the definition of a hub and, overall, their fo cus has been on the airline network, rather than the airport in itself. Calcu lations are heavily based on standard economic

  7. (PDF) Technical efficiency: an evaluation of Brazilian airports › publication › 262671075

    Hora Pico adotada pela INFRAERO t em como r eferência o artigo de Wa ng, P.T. e Pitfield, D.E (1999) . As demand as horárias d e um aeroporto registradas ao longo d e um ano são

  8. Regulares - Find link › find_link › Regulares

    The Complete Index to Literary ... "Terminal 2 do aeroporto de Brasília recebe voos regulares" (in Portuguese). Infraero. 1 September 2010. ... Ultra-high-definition ...

  9. (PDF) Structural Properties of the Brazilian Air ... › publication › 281340087

    PDF | The air transportation network in a country has a great impact on the local, national and global economy. In this paper, we analyze the air... | Find, read and cite all the research you need ...

  10. DIRETÓRIO DE PESQUISAS . Principais indicadores que afetam a percepção da qualidade de serviço em áreas críticas do embarque de passageiros aeroportuários

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