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  1. Mar 21, 2021 · Currently, Ohio has 141 people on death row that include 79 Blacks, 56 Whites, four Latinos and one Asian, according to the DPIC. The state is 81% White, 13.1% Black, 4% Hispanic and 2.5%...

  2. Feb 18, 2021 · The death penalty carries the inherent risk of executing an innocent person. Since 1973, at least 190 people who had been wrongly convicted and sentenced to death in the U.S. have been exonerated. DPIC Database: Innocence Database A Death Penalty Information Center database of every death-row exoneration since 1972.

  3. Feb 18, 2021 · Since 1973, more than 8,700 people in the U.S. have been sent to death row. At least 182 weren’t guilty—their lives upended by a system that nearly killed them. Top row, left to right:...

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  4. Nov 19, 2009 · The Innocent on Death Row - Innocence Project News 11.19.09 The Innocent on Death Row The case of Cameron Todd Willingham , who was executed in Texas in 2004, had drawn headlines around the world recently. The case starkly underscores the risk of overlooking clear signs of wrongful conviction and allowing innocent people to be executed.

  5. Here are five innocent people who were executed or exonerated on death row: Carlos DeLuna (Photo from The Guardian) Name: Carlos DeLuna Charge: Homicide Time on death row: 6 years Wanda Lopez was working at a roadside Shamrock convenience store in Corpus Christi, Texas, in 1983 when a customer stabbed her to death.

  6. Innocence By the Numbers | Death Penalty Information Center Innocence Innocence By the Numbers Share Tweet Email Exonerations by State Exonerations by 5-Year Span From 1973-1999, there were an average of 3.03 exonerations per year. From 2000-2020, there have been an average of 4.29 exonerations per year.

  7. Feb 10, 2009 · The Innocent and the Death Penalty Eighteen people have been proven innocent and exonerated by DNA testing in the United States after serving time on death row. They were convicted in 11 states and served a combined 229 years in prison – including 202 years on death row – for crimes they didn’t commit.

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