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    BEQ-4B (01/16) - Basic Earthquake Policy - Renters. A California Earthquake Authority (CEA) sample policy which provides basic earthquake coverage for renters. Sold and serviced by participating insurance companies. Policy Forms Catastrophe Property.

  2. on earthquake intensity (by the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey), by the formulation o:f the Modified M·ercalli intensity scale (Wood and Neumann, 1931), and by the definition and introduction of an instru­

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    EARTHQUAKE INTENSITY The first scale to reflect earthquake intensities (damage) was developed by de Rossi of Italy and Forel of Switzerland in the 1880s and is known as the Rossi-Forel intensity scale. This scale, with values form I to X, was used for about two decades. A need for a more refined scale increased

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    U.S. Natural Catastrophe Reference Chart Modified Mercalli intensity (MMi) scale MMi Perceived shaking Potential daMage Pga (%g) I Not felt None <.17 II–III Weak None 0.17–1.4 IV Light None 1.4–3.9 V Moderate Very light. Some dishes and windows broken. 3.9–9.2 VI Strong Slight damage in poorly built buildings; no structural damage.

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    Jul 08, 2017 · The Modified Mercalli Intensity scale is a tool that anyone can use to report the effects of an earthquake in their immediate location. Even if conventional communications, commercial radio and television, and internet are disrupted, the reports sent in by radio operators can provide great insight as to the size and scope of the incident.

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    Below is a chart listing the damage and experiences in different cities during the same earthquake. For each city, use the attached Modified Mercalli Scale and assign local intensity values for this earthquake. Then place the Intensity value next to each city on the map. Write your estimated intensity next to each city on the attached map.

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    INTENSITY, LOCATION, AND MAGNITUDE INFERRED FROM NEWSPAPER ACCOUNTS by Lynda Koll Harpham* Frontispiece: Earliest known extant seismograph record of an Idaho earthquake. The recording was made at the University of California at Berkeley on a smoke drum recorder with the Bosch-Omori NS seismograph on May 12, 1916. Marks on the chart are spaced one

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    This expected intensity value then describes the anticipated effects of the earthquake in terms of damage to buildings. Because intensity is defined by observed effects (specifically damage), an intensity attenuation equation is an expression of the expected damage distribution from any earthquake, as a function of magnitude and distance.

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    May 18, 2021 · Earthquake intensity scales describe the severity of an earthquake's effects on the earth's surface, humans, and buildings at different locations in the area of the epicenter. There are two main ways to measure earthquakes. For example, with every magnitude 6 earthquake (the size at which some damage could be expected) in an area, about 1,000.

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