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      • Shot In the Chest. Andy Warhol was actually pronounced to be dead once. ...
      • A Movie Made For Sleep. The first movie that Warhol ever made was called “Sleep.” When he premiered the movie, there were 9 people who came to the screening.
      • A Music Man. Warhol was also directly involved with the first project from The Velvet Underground. ...
      • That’s a Big Museum. The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh is the largest museum in the United States that is dedicated to the work of just one artist.
      • His Work Continues Today. When Warhol died, his will dictated that his estate should be auctioned so that a foundation could be created to promote the visual arts.
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  2. 21 Facts About Andy Warhol | Contemporary Art | Sotheby’s › 21-facts-about-andy-warhol
    • A devout Roman Catholic, Warhol attended mass daily.
    • The blank right-hand side of Warhol's Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster) mimics the breaking of a strip of projected film and the loss of consciousness upon death.
    • In 1964 the Castelli Gallery showed Warhol's Flowers series, a theme the artist selected in part because the art dealer Ileana Sonnabend sensed New York collectors' resistance to his early Death and Disaster paintings, which had been more popular in Europe.
    • Warhol started to paint depictions of Elizabeth Taylor when the actress became ill while filming Cleopatra and the artist believed she might die.
  3. Andy Warhol: 10 Fun Facts | The Loan Companies › blog › andy-warhol-10-fun
    • Warhol’s real last name is Warhola, he dropped the “a” when he moved to New York in 1949. His family emigrated from Miková, a small village in Slovakia, and Andy felt the shorter last name was more attractive as he pursued a commercial art career.
    • He adopted his signature gray-haired shag style while still in his early twenties, so people would notice how young he looked. Warhol, the clever trickster, recruited his friend and actor Allen Midgette to impersonate him during a college lecture tour.
    • At the age of twenty-nine, Warhol had a nose job to remove the rounded contour on the bridge of his nose, which he hated. No wonder he later painted Before and After showing a young woman’s pre-plastic surgery nose and the post-nose job profile.
    • Warhol was the first artist to publicly exhibit video art. In 1965, he announced that he was retiring from Pop art and planned to devote himself entirely to film.
    • The son of Slovakian immigrants, he was born in Pittsburgh and named Andrew Warhola. He later dropped the “a” in Warhola to make it sound more “American.”
    • He was raised Byzantine Catholic and regularly attended mass for most of his life. He even had an audience with the Pope.
    • He was the first in his family to go to college, at what is now known as Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, where he studied pictorial design.
    • In 1956 the Museum of Modern Art in New York rejected Warhol’s offer to donate one of his shoe drawings after the museum included it—or one very similar—in an exhibition.
  4. 10 Fun Facts About Andy Warhol - Culture Trip › north-america › usa
    • The Child of Two Artists. When he was eight years old, Warhol contracted chorea. The disease left him bedridden and in...
    • A Classically Trained Artist. It’s hard to believe that Andy Warhol was a classically-trained artist; at the Carnegie...
    • There Were Three Factories. Andy Warhol’s ‘Factory’ is pretty common knowledge – but his New York...
  5. 5 Interesting Facts About Andy Warhol | › 5-interesting-facts-about-andy-warhol

    Jan 14, 2015 · Andy Warhol was actually pronounced to be dead once. It happened after he was shot three times in the chest by a woman named Valerie Solanis. Solanis was a self-described ardent feminist and believed that Warhol’s behaviors were controlling and abusive. In her mind, the choices that Warhol made meant that he deserved to die.

  6. Unknown Facts About Andy Warhol and His Life - Artist PopLab › art › 10-interesting-facts-andy
    • Childhood. As a young boy, Warhol suffered from a condition termed Sydenham’s chorea, also known as St. Vitus’s dance, which is characterized by rapid, uncontrollable jerking movements.
    • Bedridden. His bedridden years served as the beginning of his journey to the world of art. With movement restricted, Warhol dedicated most of his time to listening to music and drawing.
    • Passionate. Andy Warhol was a classically trained artist, much to the surprise of others. After the demise of his father, Warhol was well endowed to enrol in the Carnegie Institute for Technology where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and hence comes under a list of interesting facts about Andy Warhol.
    • Factory. Warhol and his infamous ‘factories’ were much talked about in the art, film, and music industry. He founded 3 different ‘factories’ between 1962 and 1984 which not only served as his studios but as exclusive spaces for intellectual exchange, art, and sexual intrigue.
  7. 10 Andy Warhol Facts - Primary Facts › 818 › 10-andy-warhol-facts

    Feb 13, 2013 · Andy Warhol was born on 6th August 1928 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is known for his pop art and his work focuses of the crossover between celebrity, advertising and artistic expression. He worked with many forms of media, including: painting, printmaking, photography, drawing, sculpture, film and music.

  8. 26 Eccentric Facts About Andy Warhol - Factinate | Fun Facts ... › 26-eccentric-facts-andy-warhol
    • Blemishes. Warhol believed that even mistakes were art and accidents were just a part of the process. However, he didn’t always apply this approach: he would leave out his own blemishes whenever he made portraits of himself.
    • Time Capsules. Andy Warhol’s “time capsules” were cardboard boxes that he kept in his office by his desk and would fill up with daily objects of his life.
    • Wigging Out. Among his favorite collections, perhaps Andy’s most prized was that of his wigs. With over 40 hairpieces that were crafted with hair imported from Italy by a famous New York wig-maker, Warhol wore them around daily.
    • Feeling Death. On June 3, 1968, Valerie Solanas shot Warhol (along with another man) in his studio. Warhol was critically injured; he actually lost his heartbeat, and doctors had to open up his chest to massage his heart to save his life.
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