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  1. The overall impact of hyperinflation was that 1 novi dinar was equal to 1 × 10 27 – 1.3 × 10 27 pre-1990 dinars. Yugoslavia's rate of inflation hit 5 × 10 15 % cumulative inflation over the time period 1 October 1993 and 24 January 1994. SFR Yugoslavia: Start and End Date: Sept. 1989 – Dec. 1989; Peak month and rate of inflation ...

  2. During the war, trade unions were encouraged and their membership grew from 4.1 million in 1914 to 6.5 million in 1918. They peaked at 8.3 million in 1920 before relapsing to 5.4 million in 1923. Coal was a sick industry; the best seams were being exhausted, raising the cost. Demand fell as oil began replacing coal for fuel.

  3. The second episode "The Lying Detective" aired on 8 January 2017; the last episode "The Final Problem" aired on 15 January 2017. Future In January 2014, Moffat stated that a fifth series had been plotted by himself and Gatiss; [103] however, by the release of the fourth series in January 2017, they had not yet decided whether to produce it. [104]

  4. Sophie Rundle (born 21 April 1988) is an English actress, best known for portraying Ada Thorne in the BBC One historical crime drama television series Peaky Blinders, Ann Walker in BBC One and HBO's period drama Gentleman Jack, Vicky Budd in the BBC television series Bodyguard, code-breaker Lucy in the ITV drama series The Bletchley Circle and Labia in the British/American television sitcom ...

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    Bush and Gorbachev met at the Moscow Summit May 29–June 3, 1988 and the Governors Island Summit December 7, 1988. In 1989, Soviet forces withdrew from Afghanistan. In 1989, the Berlin Wall, the Inner German border and the Iron Curtain fell. On 3 December 1989, Gorbachev and Bush declared the Cold War over at the Malta Summit.

  6. The second block of 12 episodes are officially known as Season 3 but were broadcast as Season 2 in some territories where the previous episodes premiered as one block. Season 1 (2017) All episodes were written and directed by Henk Handloegten, Achim von Borries, and Tom Tykwer.

  7. Historical perspective Middle Ages and early modern period. Elements of cultural unity for Northwestern, Southwestern and Central Europe were Catholicism and Latin.However Eastern Europe, which remained Eastern Orthodox, was dominated by Byzantine cultural influence; after the East–West Schism in 1054, Eastern Europe developed cultural unity and resistance to the Catholic (and later also ...

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