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      • Iris the Movie ( Korean : 아이리스: 더 무비; RR : Airiseu: deo mubi) is a 2010 South Korean spy action film. the Movie ( Korean : 아이리스: 더,is a 2010 South Korean spy action film.
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  2. Iris: The Movie - Wikipedia

    Iris: The Movie (Korean: 아이리스: 더 무비; RR: Airiseu: deo mubi) is a 2010 South Korean spy action film.. As part of the first Korean production that shot a television drama and feature-length film simultaneously (Kim Kyu-tae was in charge of the TV segments, and Yang Yun-ho in charge of the film segments), the TV series Iris was a hit when it aired on KBS2 in 2009, with ratings of 30%.

  3. IRIS: The Movie (2010) - MyDramaList

    WARNING!!!!must watch drama first. the movie is a summary of the whole drama, every last bit of the drama was condenced into this movie. its very fast paced and scenes jump from one place to another so if u havent seen the drama u will be confused as heck. i dont get the point of this movie because theres nothing new added to it, just some deleted scenes added at the end but everything has ...

    • Lee Byung Hun
  4. Iris 2: The Movie (2013) - IMDb

    Directed by Tae-hun Kim, Min-soo Pyo. With Jang Hyeok, Beom-su Lee, Da-hae Lee, Rich Ting. Three years after a secret agent's tragic death at the hands of terrorist group IRIS, team leader Joon-han recruits a detective, Yoo-gun, to help him bring down an illegal arms unit.

    • (4)
    • Tae-Hun Kim, Min-Soo Pyo
  5. Airiseu: Deo mubi (2010) - IMDb

    Directed by Kyoo-tae Kim, Yun-ho Yang. With Lee Byung-Hun, Kim So-yeon, Tae-hee Kim, Seung-Hyun Choi. South Korean National Security Service normally deals with North Korea, but now NSS must deal with IRIS terrorists with a nuke.

    • (943)
    • Kyoo-Tae Kim, Yun-Ho Yang
    • Not Rated
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  6. Download IRIS (Korean Drama) - 2009 EngSub & Subindo

    Dec 17, 2009 · Download IRIS Korean Drama Synopsis of IRIS: Two elite National Security System (NSS) agents, Hyeong-Jun and Sa-Woo, who were sworn blood brothers, both fall for fellow agent Seung-Hee. Sa-Woo attempts to suppress his feelings for Seung-Hee and wishes the couple the best. Hyeon-Jun is then sent off on a solo mission to Hungary.

  7. IRIS | Rakuten Viki

    Kim Hyun Joon (Lee Byung Hun) and Jin Sa Woo (Jung Joon Ho) are best friends who were brought into a top secret organization known as NSS by analyst Choi Seung Hee and Park Sang Hyun. Hyun Joon and Sa Woo both fall in love with Seung Hee when she first profiles them. Their lives are changed forever when Hyun Joon is given a solo mission in Hungary. Hyun Joon later tries to find out who set him ...

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