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  1. In 1952, Ireland’s ambassador to the United States, John Hearne, sent a small box of shamrocks to US President Harry Truman, unknowingly creating a tradition that is still carried out 66 years...

    • Jessica Sager
    • Eating corned beef and cabbage ... and bacon! Believe it or not, corned beef and cabbage are actually more of an Irish American tradition than an Irish one.
    • Rocking shamrocks. Shamrocks are staples of St. Patrick's Day decor and dress. According to Time, clovers and shamrocks were readily available and cheap ways to dress up outfits to go to church, and Irish people began wearing them to services starting in the 1600s.
    • Drowning the shamrock. Wearing shamrocks isn't the only thing we do with them to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. "Drowning the shamrock" is considered good luck (even if it could possibly lead to a headache on March 18).
    • Enjoying some Guinness. Guinness is always popular in Ireland, but enjoys a special boom in business on St. Patrick's Day stateside: The brand revealed to USA Today that five times more Guinness (3 million versus 600,000) pints are sold on St. Patrick's Day than any other day of the year in the U.S.
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  3. Mar 16, 2023 · The history of the Irish shamrock and how it became lucky The three leaves are said to represent the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in Catholicism Culture By Christopher Megrath 19:44, 16 MAR 2023 St Patrick demonstrated the principle behind the Trinity using a shamrock (Image: Getty)

  4. Sep 17, 2018 · In 1836, the Ancient Order of Hibernians, which currently boasts roughly 80,000 members in the United States, Canada, and Ireland, was founded in New York. The AOH’s logo incorporates the shamrock, plus the Irish harp, the Irish flag, and the American flag.

  5. Mar 15, 2023 · The truth behind 5 St. Patrick’s Day symbols. From rivers dyed green to steaming plates of corned beef and cabbage, each of the symbols we associate with St. Paddy’s Day has an origin story ...

  6. Mar 14, 2023 · The Irish Brigade led by Kelly was instrumental in turning the tide for the Union and helped deliver a decisive blow to the Confederacy. Patrick Kelly was born in Castle Hackett County Galway in...

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