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    Does the piano belong to string or percussion family?

    Is piano considered percussion in a marching band?

    Is a piano a pitched instrument?

    What instruments are similar to the piano?

  2. Is the Piano a Percussion or a Stringed Instrument? | Britannica › story › is-the-piano-a

    As a result, today the piano is generally considered to be both a stringed and a percussion instrument. Each of the 88 keys of a piano is attached to a hammer that strikes a string of varying length and thickness, with both dimensions of the string becoming smaller in size as the player goes from left to right across the instrument (most apparent in a grand piano). When a key is pressed, it sends its associated hammer into motion, accelerating it toward the string.

  3. Is Piano Percussion or String Instrument | Which Family does ... › is-piano-string-or-percussion

    Feb 28, 2020 · This is a never-ending debate as both sides have valid points. So because of the confusion, a piano is considered as both: Percussion and a String instrument. Today, Many people consider that there should be a different category for piano. “The keyboards.”.

  4. Is the Piano a Percussion or String Instrument? | Wonderopolis › wonder › is-the-piano-a

    It’s played by blowing wind to vibrate a wooden reed. You play the tambourine by hitting it with your hand, so it’s part of the percussion family. But sometimes, it’s not so straightforward. One of the most popular instruments of all— the piano —is hard to classify.

  5. Is A Piano A String Or A Percussion Instrument? | Miller ... › piano-string-percussion-instrument

    But let’s keep things simple here. Piano is not a percussion, at least in the technical sense. But which family is it the nearest? It would be indeed percussion. Why? Because the only way to play it is by hitting the keys, which activates the hammers. And although the sound is produced by strings, hitting it makes the piano a percussion.

  6. Is the Piano considered a string or percussion instrument ... › question › index

    Piano and other keyboard instruments are categorized as percussion instruments. Piano especially because the percussion family creates sound by being struck, shaken or scrapped. The Piano hammer...

  7. Is piano a kind of string instrument? - Quora › Is-piano-a-kind-of-string-instrument

    What kind of instrument the piano is, exactly, turns out to be a complicated question. That’s because the piano, like many other keyboard instruments, is a hybrid. It is a kind of string instrument, yes; but it is also a kind of percussion instrument.

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