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  1. The point is that small business owners and franchisees can be considered entrepreneurs. For the purposes of this course, you will learn the key principles of entrepreneurship alongside the concepts, strategies, and tools needed to succeed as a small business owner or franchisee.

  2. Sep 2, 2021 · SN. Shirish Nadkarni is a serial entrepreneur with 25+ years of creating consumer businesses that have scaled to tens of millions of users worldwide. He engineered Microsoft’s $400 million ...

  3. Jul 23, 2020 · Emily Heyward is the author of Obsessed: Building a Brand People Love from Day One (Portfolio; June 9, 2020). She is the co-founder and chief brand officer at Red Antler, a full-service brand ...

  4. Many people today are becoming small entrepreneurs. This process goes by a variety of names, such as the sharing economy , the gig economy, the peer economy , or the collaborative economy . Maybe it means driving for a company such as Lyft , Uber , or GrubHub , or perhaps offering services through TaskRabbit , UpWork , or LivePerson .

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  6. Learning Objectives By the end of this section, you will be able to: Define an entrepreneurial vision Develop a vision statement When you think of yourself as a successful entrepreneur, what types of images or feelings do you experience?

  7. Jul 9, 2020 · Your Path to Becoming an Entrepreneur. Countless aspiring entrepreneurs have an interesting, innovative, and compelling business idea, but don’t have the skills or qualities to carry it through to fruition. Similarly, many others have the skills and qualities, but lack an idea to pursue.