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  4. Jan 14, 2022 · "Race to the Pole" is the gripping story of the 1911 race to the South Pole by Robert Scott and Roald Amundsen, as told by one of the world's best-known polar adventurers (Fiennes was the first person to cross both the North and South Pole ice caps by surface means).

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    1. Arctic Dreams

    Barry Lopez’s National Book Award-winning classic study of the Far North is widely considered his masterpiece. Lopez offers a thorough examination of this obscure world-its terrain, its wildlife, its history of Eskimo natives and intrepid explorers who have arrived on their icy shores. But what turns this marvellous work of natural history into a breathtaking study of profound originality is his unique meditation on how the landscape can shape our imagination, desires, and dreams. Its prose a...

    2. In the Kingdom of Ice: The Grand and Terrible Polar Voyage of the USS Jeannette

    On July 8, 1879, Captain George Washington De Long and his team of thirty-two men set sail from San Francisco on the USS Jeanette. Heading deep into uncharted Arctic waters, they carriedthe aspirations of a young country burning to be the first nation to reach the North Pole. Two years into the harrowing voyage, the Jeannette’shull was breached by an impassable stretch of pack ice, forcing the crew to abandon ship amid torrents of rushing of water. Hours later, theship had sunk below the surf...

    3. The North Water

    Behold the man: stinking, drunk, and brutal. Henry Drax is a harpooner on the Volunteer, a Yorkshire whaler bound for the rich hunting waters of the arctic circle. Also aboard for the first time is Patrick Sumner, an ex-army surgeon with a shattered reputation, no money, and no better option than to sail as the ship’s medic on this violent, filthy, and ill-fated voyage. In India, during the Siege of Delhi, Sumner thought he had experienced the depths to which man can stoop. He had hoped to fi...

    1. Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage

    The astonishing saga of polar explorer Ernest Shackleton’s survival for over a year on the ice-bound Antarctic seas, as Time magazine put it, “defined heroism.” Alfred Lansing’s scrupulously researched and brilliantly narrated book — with over 200,000 copies sold — has long been acknowledged as the definitive account of the Endurance’s fateful trip. To write their authoritative story, Lansing consulted with ten of the surviving members and gained access to diaries and personal accounts by eig...

    2. Alone on the Ice: The Greatest Survival Story in the History of Exploration

    On January 17, 1913, alone and near starvation, Douglas Mawson, leader of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition, was hauling a sledge to get back to base camp. The dogs were gone. Now Mawson himself plunged through a snow bridge, dangling over an abyss by the sledge harness. A line of poetry gave him the will to haul himself back to the surface. Mawson was sometimes reduced to crawling, and one night he discovered that the soles of his feet had completely detached from the flesh beneath. On F...

    3. The Worst Journey in the World

    The Worst Journey in the Worldrecounts Robert Falcon Scott’s ill-fated expedition to the South Pole. Apsley Cherry-Garrard, the youngest member of Scott’s team and one of three men to make and survive the notorious Winter Journey, draws on his firsthand experiences as well as the diaries of his compatriots to create a stirring and detailed account of Scott’s legendary expedition. Cherry himself would be among the search party that discovered the corpses of Scott and his men, who had long sinc...

    Try Amazon’s Audible free trial for a month: The kindleis what I use to read from and it’s perfect for travelling. If you’re curious what it’s like to live in the Arctic and some of my adventure in the Arctic then check out this post aboutliving in the Arctic. And these are some of thebest books to read when travellingfor more reading. If you liked...

  5. In book 2 of the Survival Tails series, a group of sled dogs race to survive a perilous journey across Antarctica in 1914. The book is full of nonfiction back matter that provides insight into the fascinating true story behind this book. Proud Penguin (Hardcover) By Jamie Purnell, Nicole Taylor (Illustrator) $17.99

  6. The Home of the Blizzard : A True Story of Antarctic Survival (9780312211257) by Mawson, Douglas and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at great prices.