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  1. Representing families and businesses for over thirty-five years. A new law firm with a storied history in this community, Harrelson & Harrelson LLP represents clients with big dreams, challenging obstacles, and everyday concerns. Our firm represents those starting and growing businesses, families in times of crisis, individuals buying their first home, and those seeking resolution to both everyday and complicated problems.

  2. attorney noun at· tor· ney ə-ˈtər-nē plural attorneys Synonyms of attorney : one who is legally appointed to transact business on another's behalf especially : lawyer attorneyship ə-ˈtər-nē-ˌship noun Synonyms agent assignee commissary delegate deputy envoy factor minister procurator proxy rep representative See all Synonyms & Antonyms in Thesaurus

  3. attorney n. 1) an agent or someone authorized to act for another. 2) a person who has been qualified by a state or Federal court to provide legal services, including appearing in court. Each state has a bar examination which is a qualifying test to practice law.

  4. Oct 7, 2015 · The word attorney, a common shortening of attorney-at-law, refers to a person who has successfully passed the bar examination (or bar exam ). This means that they are legally qualified to represent clients in court. The word lawyer can be applied to someone who has earned a law degree (a juris doctor degree and/or a bachelor of laws degree).

  5. Definition of attorney 1 as in deputy a person who acts or does business for another talked to the count's attorney about buying land from his estate Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance deputy representative agent delegate manager minister rep ambassador envoy proxy assignee spokesperson procurator commissary diplomat spokesman factor surrogate

  6. attorney ( əˈtɜːnɪ) n 1. (Law) a person legally appointed or empowered to act for another 2. (Law) US a lawyer qualified to represent clients in legal proceedings 3. (Professions) US a lawyer qualified to represent clients in legal proceedings 4. (Law) South African a solicitor 5. (Professions) South African a solicitor

  7. Meaning of attorney in English attorney noun [ C ] US uk / əˈtɜː.ni / us / əˈtɝː.ni / C1 a lawyer : a defense attorney an attorney for the plaintiff a civil / criminal attorney More examples a high-powered attorney She's an attorney who advises companies about mergers and takeovers. They paid a high-powered attorney to plead their case.

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