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  1. Big Eyes: True Story Behind the Films Starring Amy Adams | Time

    Dec 25, 2014 · F or years, Walter Keane was known as one of the most commercially successful artists of the 1960s. His paintings of waif-thin girls with eyes four times their normal size were dubbed “the most...

    • Eliana Dockterman
  2. Big Eyes True Story vs. Movie - Movies Based on True Stories

    Yes. The Big Eyes true story reveals that Margaret Hawkins met Walter Keane at an outdoor art fair in San Francisco in the spring of 1955. The real Margaret and Walter have very different memories of their first meeting.

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  4. The story behind 'Big Eyes': Artist Margaret Keane and ...

    Dec 25, 2014 · In the early 1960s, flamboyant Bay Area artist Walter Keane was an art-world smash, hawking kitschy "big eyes" paintings on everything from wall-sized posters to post ards and making a mint in the...

  5. Big Eyes - Wikipedia

    Big Eyes is a 2014 American biographical comedy-drama film directed by Tim Burton, written by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski and starring Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz. The film is about the life of American artist Margaret Keane —famous for painting and drawing portraits of people with big eyes.

  6. The Tears of Big Eyes. Spivak’s Representation and the Work ...

    Feb 01, 2017 · Tim Burton, the director of movie ‘Big Eyes’, which is based on the true story of Margaret Keane and her artwork during 1960s, also described her as “the quietest feminist” (Ryzik). Considering the...

  7. Based on a True Story: Big Eyes and The Theory of Everything

    Jan 18, 2015 · A new production of Don Giovanni opens at the Canadian Opera Company next week, followed shortly by Die Walküre. Neither one bears the epithet “based on a true story”, as so many current films seem to (thinking for instance of three films I have yet to see: American Sniper, The Imitation Game and Selma).

  8. Big Eyes is based on the true story of Walter Keane (Christoph Waltz), who was one of the most successful painters of the 1950s and early 1960s. The artist earned staggering notoriety by revolutionizing the commercialization and accessibility of popular art with his enigmatic paintings of waifs with big eyes.

  9. What ‘Big Eyes’ Got Right About Feminism | by Ola A. | Medium

    Nov 23, 2019 · And so she fought back. The movie is based on a true story, starring Amy Adams as the ghost artist, Margaret Keane, who would eventually reclaim her rights of ownership to her Big-Eyed portraits...

  10. People With Big Eyes Share These 10 Special Traits

    Big eyes are a symbol of youth Unlike small eyes, larger eyes are connected to baby features that make you look innocent and attractive (especially when it comes to females). Basically, if your eye-socket is naturally shallow, your eyes will look bigger and you will resemble traits of a baby.