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  1. Five not so good reasons for visiting Brussels the capital of ... › visiting-brussels

    Brussels is not only the Capital of Belgium and of Europe but it seems it is also the Capital of Comics. Everywhere you look at you can find some paintings, pictures or comics. At the walls, in the Metro, in the Museums. All over the city statue and paintings of comic characters can be found.

  2. Brussels - Wikipedia › wiki › Brussels-Capital_Region

    Despite its name, the Brussels-Capital Region is not the capital of Belgium. Article 194 of the Belgian Constitution establishes that the capital of Belgium is the City of Brussels, the municipality in the region that is the city's core. The City of Brussels is the location of many national institutions.

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  4. 8 Interesting Facts About Brussels | WorldStrides › blog › 2019/04/8-interesting
    • Brussels is the political capital of Europe, and it is home to 40,000 EU employees and 4,000 NATO employees. So, not surprisingly, about 27 percent of the residents in Brussels are not Belgium citizens.
    • Belgians do not share one common language. In fact, there are THREE official languages in Belgium. In Brussels, people mostly speak French, but all public signs and documents are in French and Flemish Dutch.
    • The Justice Palace (Palais de Justice) in Brussels is the largest court in the world at 26,000 square metres (that’s 28,000 square feet).
    • Brussels is a major producer of beer, waffles, and chocolate – yum! There are more than 800 brands of beer for sale in the city.
  5. Brussels | national capital, Belgium | Britannica › place › Brussels

    Brussels, Flemish Brussel, French Bruxelles, city, capital of Belgium. It is located in the valley of the Senne (Flemish: Zenne) River, a small tributary of the Schelde (French: Escaut). Greater Brussels is the country’s largest urban agglomeration. It consists of 19 communes, or municipalities, each with a large measure of administrative autonomy.

  6. 10 Things To Know When Traveling In Brussels, Belgium › europe › belgium
    • Bridgette Gottwald
    • A small city with many communes. Although Brussels is a small city, it is composed of 19 municipalities, meaning there are plenty of areas waiting to be discovered.
    • The weather isn’t always perfect. The weather in Brussels is ever changing and not always ideal. It can easily go from sunny and gorgeous to a 30 minute spell of rain, and then back to sunshine.
    • Enjoy Brussels’ green spaces. Brussels is known for its vast green spaces. There are numerous parks worth exploring, as well as the gorgeous Sonian Forest.
    • Save up, the shopping in Brussels is exceptional. It’s worth knowing that there is a strong fashion culture in Brussels. The DNA of Belgian fashion is best described as explicit, surreal and avant-garde.
  7. City of Brussels - Wikipedia › wiki › City_of_Brussels

    The City of Brussels is the largest municipality and historical centre of the Brussels-Capital Region, and the capital of Belgium. Besides the strict centre, it also covers the immediate northern outskirts where it borders municipalities in Flanders. It is the administrative centre of the European Union, thus often dubbed, along with the region, the EU's capital city. The City of Brussels is a municipality consisting of the central historic town and certain additional areas within the greater Br

  8. Brussels Belgium — Best Things To Do In The Capital Of Belgium › brussels-belgium-travel-guide

    Mar 18, 2019 · Best Things To Do in Brussels Belgium #6 — Arcades du Cinquantenaire. The Arcades du Cinquantenaire is a monumental triple arch in the center of Cinquantenaire Park in Brussels Belgium. The arch was built for the world exhibition of 1880 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the independence of Belgium.

  9. What's the difference between Brussels and the city of ... › Whats-the-difference-between

    It is Brussels Capital Region and Brussels (city). Brussels is just one of the municipalities of the Brussels Capital Region, however it is entitled to carry the title of ‘ City ‘ (for historical reasons re-installed after Napoleon got defeated .. it’s given back by Royal Dutch Decree by William I in 1825 (thus before Belgian existed as a separate country).

  10. 10 Cultural Experiences That You Can Only Find In Brussels › europe › belgium

    Respected for its quality, originality and diversity, European cinema also has a place in the capital of the old continent. From the 17th to the 24th of June, The Brussels Film Festival invades Brussels with the best and newest productions created in Europe. The 20 European countries represented at the festival are narrowed down from at least ...

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