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    Autocasting Crumble Undead costs fewer runes than Earth Bolt (unless a staff of earth or a dust battlestaff are equipped) and hits as hard as Earth Blast . It is highly recommended against Vorkath, as the spell instantly kills the Zombified Spawn it summons during the fight.

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  2. Crumble Undead is a good way to train magic, as it costs fewer runes than Earth Bolt (same if you are wielding a staff of earth) and hits as hard as Earth Blast. However, this spell cannot be autocasted except with a Slayer Staff, Staff of the dead, Staff of light or Void knight mace .

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  4. Crumble Undead was a spell that required a Magic level of 39 and could hit a maximum of 150 life points to undead monsters, which included: Banshees Shades Zombies Skeletons Ghosts Crawling Hands, Skeletal hands, Zombie hands Revenants Zogres, Skogres Ankous Trivia This spell was removed with the Evolution of Combat update.

  5. Scaling on combat level of the target would probably make crumble undead the best way to level magic at low levels assuming there's some decent targets for it. It could even have a max hit that it checks first based on a monster, but have the damage be capped with a magic lv. Hard no from anyone that does Vorkath.

  6. Crumble Undead is a magic combat spell that becomes available at level 39. Crumble undead does extra damage to undead monsters, such as skeletons, ghosts, and zombies. Crumble undead costs 2 Earth-Runes, 2 Air-Runes, and 1 Chaos-Rune. and gives 98 Magic experience when casted.

  7. Crumble Undead is a unique combat spell found in the standard spellbook. Requiring only 39 Magic, it's capable of hitting 16 against undead enemies such as zombies, skeletons, ghosts, shades, and so on. It can only be used against undead creatures, but offers a max hit equal to that of much higher level blast spells.

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