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  2. UFOs Are Real, But Don't Assume They're Alien Spaceships

    May 31, 2019 · So, while the odds may be long that any UFO witnessed to date was an extraterrestrial craft, it's far from crazy to suspect that intelligent aliens are out there somewhere (or at least were out...

  3. Former MoD UFO hunter reveals his ‘best evidence for aliens ...

    Jan 29, 2021 · UFO expert Nick Pope has said "it’s only a matter of time before we find alien life - or before it finds us, if it hasn’t already!" 2 Nick Pope is a famous UFO expert Credit: Goldsmiths ...

  4. Extraterrestrial evidence: 10 incredible findings about ...
    • Is E.T. phoning us from Proxima Centauri? The answer to weird signals happening in the universe is never aliens, until maybe it is. Earlier this month, researchers announced that they had captured a very mysterious beam of energy in the radio part of the electromagnetic spectrum at 980 megahertz, coming from the closest star to our own.
    • Alien bacteria might live in the clouds of Venus. Astrobiologists were a-twitter with anticipation and skepticism in September when news broke of potential evidence of life in the upper clouds of Venus.
    • 'Oumuamua could still be an alien artifact. Two years ago, scientists spotted a cigar-shaped object hurtling through the solar system. Dubbed 'Oumuamua, the entity is considered by most to be an interstellar comet flung out from around another star.
    • Navy declassifies UFO videos but don't believe the hype. A fair number of Earthlings don't care what ambiguous evidence scientists come up with to show that aliens are out there.
  5. UFO sighting: Claim alien craft spotted over Mexico - ‘Video ...

    Dec 03, 2020 · UFO sighting: ET hunter claims ‘ominous’ alien craft spotted over Mexico - ‘Looks real' UFO hunters claim to have found remarkable evidence of extraterrestrial activity after a "beetle-like" UFO...

    • 59 sec
    • Tom Fish
  6. Alien UFO found in Antarctica is 100 percent proof of ...

    Dec 29, 2020 · Alien UFO found in Antarctica is 100 percent proof of ancients aliens on Earth - odd claim ALIEN hunters believe they have found a UFO in Antarctica which they claim is "100 percent evidence" that...

  7. Real UFO With Aliens Caught On Camera From Saudi Arabia | UFO Or Military Vehicle? ... Real UFO With Aliens Caught On Camera From Saudi Arabia | UFO Or Military Vehicle? Alien SightingsSubscribe ...

    • 5 min
    • 6.6M
    • Alien Planet
  8. Alien UFO Sightings

    by Alien UFO Sightings April 8, 2019 Any intelligent aliens that humans manage to contact probably won’t look much like you or me, or the squid-like creatures in the new film “Arrival.” If an extraterrestrial species becomes advanced enough to send signals Earthlings can…

  9. Alien DNA found on Earth | Latest UFO sightings

    Alien DNA found on Earth February 24, 2021 LUFOS Aliens , Latest posts , UFO News 0 Scientists in Paris, France have discovered a microbe that is unlike any other organism but shares the same DNA as life on earth.

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