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    • How to open a bank account in Malaysia {Complete guide} - B2B Pay
      • Yes, you can open a bank account online with a Malaysian bank, BUT there’s a prerequisite. Malaysian banks like CIMB and Maybank offer limited products that can be set up online without the need to personally go to the branch. However, this is only applicable to existing clients of the bank.
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  2. Apr 25, 2022 · Path 1 — US Big Banks. The first and most obvious way to open a US bank account as a non-resident is to open an account with a big-name US bank. This route requires residence in the US (even if your primary residence is abroad) and sometimes (although not always) also requires a SSN/ITIN and other documentation.

  3. It’s fast and easy, typically taking only a few minutes. Here’s what you’ll need. All our accounts can be opened jointly. Simply select the Joint option when applying. You may open a joint checking account with a minor aged 14 through 17.

  4. Jan 20, 2010 · From: Batu Berendam, Melaka. i did ask the same question 6 years back to my friends. yes, you can open US bank account in Bank of America Malaysia Berhad. charges and fee not sure, but they will ask you put in quite some money around 5k USD, after knowing that i didn't ask further.

  5. Mar 26, 2022 · The documentation you’ll need to support your application for a bank account can vary. It depends on the bank, as well as the US state. But generally, it’s a good idea to make sure you have the following to hand ¹: Your full US address, contact info and other personal details. Your driver’s licence or passport.

  6. Solution #3: Open bank account in person in USA. Your next best option is to book a trip to the United States to open a bank account. You can open a U.S. business bank account by getting on a plane and flying to the U.S. You will need to open the bank account in the same state where you formed your LLC.

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