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  1. legal adjective LAW uk / ˈliːɡ ə l / us connected with the system of law within a country or area: The department is seeking legal advice on the permitted development rule. There isn't a formal legal agreement that binds us together as a company. a legal battle/dispute Two years of legal battles and delay sent the project's cost spiraling.

  2. Deloitte Legal means the legal practices of DTTL member firms, their affiliates or their related entities that provide legal services. The exact nature of these relationships and provision of legal services differs by jurisdiction, to allow compliance with local laws and professional regulations. Each Deloitte Legal practice is legally separate ...

  3. Jan 25, 2023 · legal in American English (ˈligəl ) adjective 1. of, created by, based upon, or authorized by law 2. in conformity with the positive rules of law; permitted by law a legal act 3. that can be enforced in a court of law legal rights 4. of or applicable to lawyers legal ethics 5. in terms of the law a legal offense 6. Theology a. of the Mosaic law b.

  4. One Legal is the #1 digital litigation support service in the U.S. File court documents, serve legal papers, and more via one simple, easy-to-use platform.

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    Apple - Legal Apple Legal Find legal information and resources for Apple products and services. Hardware Warranties Before you purchase a new or refurbished hardware product from Apple, you may review the terms and conditions of Apple’s limited warranty including limitations and exclusions. Find your warranty Consumer law rights

  6. Legal resource center. Focusing on the business of law, including critical issues of great importance to lawyers, whether within law firms, corporate law departments, or solo practices. Practice Innovations: Adapt, innovate or both? Leading & leveraging cognitive diversity - Thomson Reuters Institute.

  7. Sep 26, 2013 · University of San Diego Legal Clinics. San Diego, CA. Tel: (619) 260-7470. USD Legal Clinics offer free legal assistance to lower income individuals. Some types of cases are referred to USD from other organizations. USD law students conduct intake interviews for other types of cases. USD offers legal help in these areas: