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  1. Relationships ebb and flow. It’s normal for the passion to calm and you find yourself in a relationship rut. Learn how to dig out and renew the fire. Relationships go through different stages, including the dreaded relationship rut. At first, everything is super-passionate.

  2. Jul 20, 2021 · If you quickly get into a relationship rut of doing the same boring things, you will become bored with your relationship more quickly. However, if you are committed to avoid falling into this routine and are intentional about keeping the desire alive in your relationship, you can avoid becoming bored for the most part.

    • Dana Lam
    • Genesis Gutierrez
    • You wish to escape. Escaping reality is difficult and delusional. While being stuck in a rut is not fruitful, being delusional won’t get you anywhere either.
    • Relishing on imaginary reality— Daydreaming constantly. Being in your headspace isn’t bad and neither is daydreaming but when you constantly daydream to escape reality, you slowly start to lose whatsoever interest in it and soon start to vanish from it.
    • Purposelessness. Everything seems meaningless, doesn’t it? It does, sometimes life is difficult and it’s almost exhausting to find happy purposes. This reminds me of a famous anonymous quote.
    • No future plans or goals. When we are stuck, the present seems stagnant and the future seems lost. Nothing interests you enough to plan an exciting future.
    • 5 Signs of an Unhealthy Gut. How do you know if your gut’s in a rut? It’s more than just a “gut feeling”. Here are the top 5 signs of an unhealthy gut: You’re gassy and bloated: Digestive issues like gas and bloating are the hallmark symptoms of gut imbalance.
    • 5 Ways to Improve Gut Health. Now that you know what to look for, what steps can you take to support a healthy microbiome and improve gut health? Lifestyle behaviors and diet are two of the leading causes of dysbiosis, aka an imbalanced gut microbiome.
    • 1) Rule out a food intolerance. Good ol’ food intolerances – they are far too common, and often go undetected. Why? Because it can be pretty hard to pinpoint what food/foods may be causing the issue, especially if your symptoms are delayed.
    • 4) Supplement with probiotics. Probiotics are friendly bacteria that live in our gut to aid the absorption and digestion of food. Supplementing with probiotics can help restore balance to your gut microbiome and ease GI distress.
  3. Is it normal to be bored in a relationship? Yes, it is absolutely normal to have some days when things are just there between you and your partner. We all get tired of doing the same things at a stretch, even things we love. What isn’t normal is allowing yourself and your partner to get stuck in a rut by not doing anything about it.

    • Always Looking For Potential Partners. We are visual beings meaning it's okay to appreciate other people's physical beauty. However, if you find yourself constantly keeping an eye out for attractive people or wondering how life would be with another partner, your relationship might not be that solid.
    • Rarely Initiating Intimate Moments. If the thought of having an intimate moment with your partner no longer excites you, look out for that as lack of physical touch means a relationship is on the rocks.
    • There Is Nothing To Talk About Over Dinner. Having nothing to talk about sometimes is normal. But, if you find all your dinner table conversations are filled with pin-drop silence, that's a significant indicator.
    • Not Spending Quality Time With Each Other. Having a packed schedule is one thing but having some time to spare and not wanting to spend time with your partner is another.
    • Instant connection. The first time you met him, you felt an instant connection, as if the two of you had known each other for years. For example, you may feel so comfortable around him that it seems like you are old childhood friends.
    • Honesty. You are able to be completely honest with him, and you trust him as you’ve never trusted anyone before. You don’t feel like you need to hide parts of yourself in order to please him because you are comfortable being completely open.
    • Encouraging. He pushes you to be the best version of yourself, meaning he may sometimes give you tough love and challenge you to improve. This doesn’t mean that he is being too hard on you.
    • Chemistry. There is a high degree of chemistry between the two of you. This involves physical chemistry and a sense of an electric connection in the relationship, but it also includes emotional and intellectual chemistry.
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