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    Testosterone levels in an elephant in musth can be on average 60 times greater than in the same elephant at other times (in specific individuals these testosterone levels can even reach as much as 140 times the normal). However, whether this hormonal surge is the sole cause of musth, or merely a contributing factor, is unknown.

  3. Mar 23, 2021 · The best relationship advice and tips for your marriage. Answers to all your questions about being in a relationship. Tips for improving your relationship and information about relationship counseling. is the #1 source for marriage information and advice.

  4. Here's why - when the woman is the leader in a relationship, she's always ready for the next thing with a man before he is. Over time, she starts to feel like the man simply isn't there for her, or thinking of her, and that she's more invested in the relationship than he is. It makes her feel unloved. And then it makes her act out.

  5. Apr 21, 2022 · Most women dream of finding soulmate love, but it can be difficult to determine whether you are actually dating your soulmate. Fortunately, research shows that men also value the idea of meeting their soulmate, so if you’re looking for one, chances are there is a man out there for you.

  6. Can you mend a broken heart after a long term relationship? Yes. Have faith in your ability to heal from heartbreak, and get familiar with the 8-step process ahead. At the end of a long term relationship, only a few lucky folks escape feeling free of heartbreak. You likely expected this to last, and maybe even counted on it to last.

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