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  1. Brandon,They wouldn't necessarily keep running together after shedding velvet and breaking up the bachelor groups. The other buck may or may not have been in the area too. My guess is that if they are, it is only temporary, but to get to your question, if that is your best area I wouldn't hunt it until one of two things happens. First, if you are getting a lot of daylight photos of a buck you ...

  2. Oct 07, 2003 · During the rut, a buck”s range may expand to 10 square miles, which could include the home ranges of six to 12 doe groups. Since each doe group contains 6 to 20 animals, a well-traveled buck could encounter hundreds of females. Mathews will find out a lot more about amorous bucks” wanderings this fall.

  3. Nov 10, 2021 · While there is a focus on does, there, of course, are still plenty of bucks to be had in the county. Through Nov. 2, DNR statistics showed crossbow hunters registering 670 bucks and 478 does, down from 791 and 723 at the same time last year, while archery hunters had tagged 359 bucks and 279 does, down from 466 and 479 a year ago. Clark County

  4. The rut is one of the most anticipated times of the hunting season in Alabama. However, the timing of this can vary greatly depending on where you hunt within the state. Generally speaking, this period of the season is when most mature bucks are more vulnerable to harvest due to an increased activity level. By […]

  5. Apr 23, 2020 · When starting in on a new buck, you have to throw out almost everything you think you know and start with a blank slate. EASIER AS THEY GET OLD In the most recent episode, Mike Reed and I discussed this in passing. Thinking back, I am not sure I have ever hunted a buck that didn’t get easier to kill when he got old. By old, I mean 6 years, or more.

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