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  1. 10 Facts About Miriam Everyone Should Know - Jewish History › library › article_cdo
    • Miriam Was One of the 7 Prophetesses of the Bible. The Talmud1 lists seven prophetesses in Jewish tradition: Sarah, Miriam, Deborah, Hannah, Abigail, Huldah and Esther, providing scriptural support showing that each one of these special women were indeed prophetesses.
    • She Was the Elder Sister of Aaron and Moses. As proof that Miriam was a prophetess, the Talmd cites the verse “Miriam the prophetess, the sister of Aaron, took a timbrel in her hand.”
    • Her Name Means “Bitter” The ancient work Seder Olam,3 which provides a chronological history of the Jewish people, relates that Miriam got her name, which means “bitter,” as a reflection of the bitter oppression under which the people lived at the time.
    • She Is Identified As Puah. The book of Exodus tells the story of Shifrah and Puah, the brave Hebrew midwives who stood up to Pharaoh and refused to kill the baby boys who were born among the Hebrew slaves.
  2. Miriam - Moses' Sister and Prophetess at the Red Sea › miriam-sister-of-moses-701189

    May 10, 2019 · Updated May 10, 2019. Moses' sister, Miriam, accompanied her younger brother when he led the Hebrew people in their escape from slavery in Egypt. Her name in Hebrew means "bitterness." Miriam was the first woman in the Bible to be given the title prophetess. Although her jealously later in life led to disaster, Miriam's quick wit as a young ...

  3. 8 Hebrew Baby Names Inspired by Courageous Women of the Bible ... › 8-hebrew-baby-names-inspired-by

    Apr 17, 2020 · 1. Miriam — In Hebrew, Miriam literally means “rising water,” though name of this badass biblical babe holds other meanings, like “mistress of the sea” and “bitter.” In the Book of Exodus, Miriam the prophetess is famous for being Aaron’s and Moses’ older sister.

    • Arielle Kaplan
  4. Miriam: Tambourines of Rebellion - Shemot (Exodus) - Parshah › parshah › article_cdo

    Miriam’s name has two meanings, both exemplifying the qualities of her character. The first, from the Hebrew root mar, is “bitterness.” Miriam was born at the time when the oppression of the exile had reached its worst. “They [the Egyptians] embittered [vayemareru, from the root mar] their lives with hard work” (Exodus 1:14).

    • Chana Weisberg
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  6. 14 Jewish Baby Names Inspired by Water – Kveller › 14-jewish-baby-names-inspired-by
    • Maddy Albert
    • Adva — Adva means “ripple” in Hebrew, which is a subtle reference to the small yet powerful impact that every person has on our large world.
    • Dalit — In Hebrew, Dalit means “to draw water, ” which is a conventionally female role that can be reclaimed as an expression of gratitude for our abundant natural resource.
    • Dinah — In Anita Diamant’s novel The Red Tent, the reimagined biblical character Dinah has a divine and spiritual connection to water. When Dinah travels with her family to Canaan, she becomes drawn to the water and floats in the river: “I moved my arms through the water, feeling them float on the surface, watching the waves and wake that followed my gesture.
    • Mayim — Mayim translates directly to “water” in Hebrew. You might be familiar with this name because of the illustrious Mayim Bialik, whom you likely know from her acting career and her words at Kveller.
  7. Pre-Biblical Aaron, Miriam, and Moses - › article › pre-biblical-aaron

    Feb 12, 2020 · Whether the mem at the end of Miriam’s name is a corrupt rendering of a god’s name, such as Amun, or whether it was just an accretion with no meaning, is unclear. [11] The Egyptian etymology of Aaron’s name and a similar pattern among other Levite figures was proposed as early as the work of Theophile J. Meek, Hebrew Origins (New York ...


    Miriam means ‘prophetess’ or ‘lady’; Miriam was the revered sister of the tribal leader Moses, but she was also the acknowledged leader of all the women who fled from Egypt with their families. Moses’ name appears to be Egyptian, as in Thutmoses (child of Thut); or it may simply mean ‘child of the water’.

  9. 10 Biblical Baby Names You’ll Love, Even ... - HuffPost Canada › 2018/07/30 › biblical-baby
    • Genesis. This unisex moniker gained attention thanks to singer Alicia Keys, who chose it for her second son in 2014. The name means "beginning" and comes from the Book of Genesis, the first book in the Old Testament, which tells the story of creation.
    • Adriel. Adriel is relatively unheard of, but is a refreshingly modern name. The moniker, which sounds like Gabriel's cooler cousin, comes from the son-in-law of King Saul in the Bible.
    • Zemira. We love Zemira's beautiful, enchanting sound. The name means "song," and although it's technically a boy name in the Bible, according to SheKnows, its feminine "a"-ending makes it suitable for a girl as well.
    • Shiloh. This moniker famously belongs to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's first biological daughter, who was born in 2007. Shiloh is a biblical place name and quickly rose in popularity thanks to the celebrity couple.
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    As someone always interested in Herodian history, I have noticed that normally, Herodian-era individuals whose name is Miriam in Hebrew would be rendered as Mariamme in Greek and Latin, after the Aramaic form Mariam. Yet the Latin and Greek name of all of the Maries in NT were rendered as Maria.

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