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  1. Sep 02, 2022 · Is the word nighttime one word or two words? Nighttime is a single word. The Middle English combination of “night” and “time” is what it is today. Even though the word may have been derived from a two-word phrase, it also had a one-word form. The word “nighttime” is made up of two words.

    • Gladys Chandler
  2. Mar 21, 2008 · Is night time one word or two? It is one word, nighttime, as in daytime. ... What is a Compound word for evening? ... Ars Scientia Manus meaning?

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  4. night-time also night time uncountable noun [oft NOUN noun] Night-time is the period of time between when it gets dark and when the sun rises . They wanted someone responsible to look after the place at night-time. A twelve hour night time curfew is in force. Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers

  5. early evening. owl light. evenfall. evo. late-afternoon. crepuscle. crepuscule. end of the day. “Where more than one station is permitted to operate during the nighttime on the same frequency, it is inevitable that the stations cause interference to each other.”.

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  7. A compound word is formed when two words are combined to make a new word. It is one of the ways in which the English language is flexible and always changing, as compound words allow people to create new words as the need arises. For example, you might use “in” and “side” to create the compound word “inside”. We should play inside today.

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