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  1. The Informant! TV Show: News, Videos, Full Episodes and More ...

    Watch full episodes of The Informant! and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at ... The 100 Best Shows on TV.

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  2. 'McMillions' HBO reveals McDonald’s Monopoly scam informant ...

    Bold British stage version of ‘1984' being developed as a limited TV series The 2013 multimedia stage version of George Orwell’s novel “1984,” which has been adapted many times, is being ...

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  4. Watch The Informant! | Prime Video

    Overall The Informant! appears to be disliked mainly by those who expected something that marketing led them to believe this was. Coming to it on its own terms however this is an engaging story told with a comic air that works and makes the film as entertaining as it is interesting.

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  5. The Informant! - Movie Reviews and Movie Ratings | TV Guide

    A majority of the humor in Steven Soderbergh’s corporate espionage comedy The Informant! comes from watching the protagonist, the vice president of a prominent agricultural-industry giant, issue a...

  6. The Informant! (2009) - Plot Summary - IMDb

    It's October 1992. Mark Whitacre is a Vice-President at a division of Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), a Fortune 500 company based in Decatur, Illinois that produces among other things lysine, a corn based derivative used in almost all manufactured foods.

  7. The Informant! - TV Shows | Movie Trailers | Reviews

    The Informant! is an inspired social satire, a near-perfect single-carat diamond in an age of mindless movie bling. It's a small movie, but not in any sense minor. Full Review

  8. The Serious Story Behind 'The Informant' : NPR

    Sep 20, 2009 · "The Informant" opened in theaters on Friday. Although the movie is sometimes played for laughs, the real story was no laughing matter. It's based on a late-1990s case against the conglomerate...

  9. 'The Informant!' takes true story and adds energy thanks to ...

    Sep 18, 2009 · Matt Damon stars as Mark Whitacre in a scene from, "The Informant!." The opening title card of "The Informant!" states how it's based on a true story, but certain aspects of it have been dramatized.

  10. Starsky & Hutch - Wikipedia

    The series' protagonists were two Southern California police detectives: David Michael Starsky (Paul Michael Glaser), the dark-haired, Brooklyn transplant and U.S. Army veteran, with a street-wise manner and intense, sometimes childlike moodiness; and Kenneth Richard "Hutch" Hutchinson (), the divorced, blond, Duluth, Minnesota, native with a more reserved and intellectual approach.

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