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    • Is the Andean condor endangered?

      Andean Condor | Rainforest Alliance
      • The Andean condor was placed on the Endangered Species List in 1973 and is in danger of becoming extinct due primarily to over hunting. The Andean condor is the national animal of Colombia and is one of the largest birds of prey in the world, weighing as much as 20 to 25 pounds.
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  2. Is the Andean Condor Endangered? - Animals › is-andean-condor

    As stated earlier, the Andean Condor is an endangered species that needs protection to survive and flourish in its natural environment. The number of these birds has declined to a great extent in countries like Colombia and Venezuela. The human encroachment of the condor habitat is the main reason behind reduction in its number.

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  3. Species Profile: Andean Condor (Vultur gryphus) | Rainforest ... › species › andean-condor

    Nov 14, 2006 · The Andean condor was placed on the Endangered Species List in 1973 and is in danger of becoming extinct due primarily to over hunting.

  4. Endangered Animals: Learning About the Andean Condor › 2015/04/03 › endangered-animals

    Apr 03, 2015 · A really great online resource about the Andean condor (cousin to the also endangered California condor) is, of course, National Geographic. Many Americans are familiar with the famous song “El Condor Pasa,” written by a Peruvian composer last century and based on Andean folk melodies.

  5. Andean Condor - › species › andean-condor

    Jul 06, 2021 · The Andean condor is classified as a raptor, a bird of prey, and the largest of this type. This is a huge and heavy bird, with a wingspan up to 320 centimeters and a beak to a tail length between 100 centimeters and 130 centimeters.

  6. Andean condors were revered by the Incas but now face a fragile future in South America and are in danger of extinction. One of the world's largest flying birds, part of the vulture family, they...

  7. Andean condor - Wikipedia › wiki › Andean_Condor

    The Andean condor is a national symbol of Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru and plays an important role in the folklore and mythology of the Andean regions. The Andean condor is considered vulnerable by the IUCN. It is threatened by habitat loss and by secondary poisoning from carcasses killed by hunters.

  8. Andean Condor - Wildlife Conservation Society › en-us › Wildlife

    The Andean condor is part of four national shields, where it represents different values: Bolivia (boundaryless pursuit), Chile (strength), Colombia (liberty and order), and Ecuador (power, grandeur, and valeur). This bird is monogamous and both parents incubate the egg. Its chicks stay with its parents up to 2 years before facing the world alone.

  9. 18 Facts About The Andean Condor That Will Shock You | Learn ... › facts-about-the-andean-condor

    The Andean Condor is an endangered species. These magnificent creatures are endangered because they have been hunted for their feathers and because humans destroy their habitat by mining, logging, farming and building dams. There are only about 6,000 Andean Condors left of these magnificent birds alive today.

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