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  1. A number of Christian denominations assert that they alone represent the one true church – the church to which Jesus gave his authority in the Great Commission. The Catholic Church , the Eastern Orthodox Church , the Oriental Orthodox communion and the Assyrian Church of the East each understands itself as the one and only original church.

  2. The Christian Palmarian Church of the Carmelites of the Holy Face (Spanish: Iglesia Cristiana Palmariana de los Carmelitas de la Santa Faz), also called the Palmarian Christian Church (Spanish: Iglesia Cristiana Palmariana), the Palmarian Church, or the Palmarian Catholic Church, is an independent Traditionalist Catholic denomination with an episcopal see in El Palmar de Troya, Spain, founded ...

  3. Jul 09, 2008 · The Catholic Church redefines grace. When a Roman Catholic priest speaks of salvation through the grace of Jesus Christ, he does not mean the unmerited, free grace of Christ whereby a believing sinner is eternally and completely and once-for-all saved from sin. By “grace,” the Roman Catholic Church means God’s help to live a righteous life.