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  1. Jan 26, 2023 · Since 1983, U.S. News & World Report ’s annual ranking of colleges and universities has been a driving force in American higher education. But recently, the ground behind the rankings has begun ...

  2. Sep 23, 2023 · In a message to his university community Monday, Vanderbilt’s chancellor, Daniel Diermeier, and the Nashville, Tenn., school’s provost, C. Cybele Raver, wrote that the drop from No. 13 to No ...

  3. Apr 10, 2023 · But in recent months, dozens of the nation's top-ranked institutions have stopped providing data to the publication. Yale University Law School was the top law school in the country in the U.S ...

    • Survey Results
    • Forbes Ratedlean Left
    • The Hill Rated Center, Close to Lean Left
    • POLITICO Rated Center; AllSides Keepslean Left Rating
    • The Epoch Times Rated Lean Right
    • The Daily Wire Rated Right
    • About The Survey
    • Note About Blind Bias Surveys
    • AllSides Uses Multiple Methods For Calculating Media Bias Ratings.

    On average, respondents across the political spectrum gave the following ratings: 1. The Daily Wire: Right 2. The Epoch Times: Lean Right 3. Forbes: Lean Left (AllSides Media Bias Rating™ is Center) 4. The Hill: Center 5. Politico: Center (AllSides Media Bias Rating™ isLean Left)

    Forbes's rating of Lean Left in the May 2022 AllSides Blind Bias Survey differed from AllSides' current rating of Center for the publication. The Blind Survey results triggered an Editorial Review, in which we decided to keep Forbes' AllSides Media Bias Rating as Center. Editorial Reviews allow us a multipartisan panel of experts toview a larger am...

    The Hill's rating of Centerin the Blind Survey affirmed AllSides' current rating for the publication.

    On average, people across the political spectrum rated Politico as Center in a May 2022 AllSides Blind Bias Survey. The rating, which differed from AllSides' rating of Lean Left at the time, triggered an Editorial Review, in which we opted to keep Politico's rating as Lean Left.Compared to Blind Bias Surveys, Editorial Reviews allow a multipartisan...

    The Epoch Times' rating of Lean Rightin the Blind Survey affirmed AllSides' current rating for the publication.

    The Daily Wire's rating of Rightin the Blind Survey affirmed AllSides' current rating for the publication.

    A total of 1,345 people across the political spectrum took the survey, including 178 respondents with a self-reported Left bias; 334 with a Lean Left bias; 402 with a Center bias; 349 with a Lean Right bias, and 82 with a Right bias. Respondents self-reported party affiliation. 348 respondents were Democrats, 558 were Independents, 239 were Republi...

    Blind surveys are robust, but do have limitations. They alone do not always determine our ratings. These surveys ask respondents to assess a relatively small snapshot of the source's content in time. The surveys don't include photos, content published over a long period of time, or other crucial elements for determining bias. Therefore, we often us...

    Our Blind Bias Survey, described in the graphic below, represents one of our most robust media bias rating methods, but it is not the only method we use. A source might openly share its bias, or it may be determined by third party research, an independent review, or an Editorial Review. Take a look at the multiple methods AllSides uses to measure a...

    • Isaiah Hole
    • Northwestern University. Location: Evanston, Illinois. U.S. News rank: 10. Total enrollment fall 2022: 8,494. 4-year graduation rate: 86%
    • University of Michigan. Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan. U.S. News rank: 25. Total enrollment fall 2022: 32,282. 4-year graduation rate: 81%
    • University of Wisconsin. Location: Madison, Wisconsin. U.S. News rank: 38. Total enrollment fall 2022: 35,474. 4-year graduation rate: 70%
    • University of Illinois. Location: Champaign, Illinois. U.S. News rank: 41. Total enrollment fall 2022: 34,779. 4-year graduation rate: 71%
  4. Jun 9, 2023 · As established earlier, The Daily Wire’s reliability score using this system is 76%. In general, articles with more bias score lower on the accuracy scale while less biased articles score higher. In the case of The Daily Wire, Biasly’s analyzed articles range from as high as 100% reliable to a low of 65%. However, it is worth mentioning ...

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  6. Dec 22, 2023 · Washington Monthly. The Washington Monthly has been ranking colleges and universities in the US since 2005. According to the site itself, its college rankings are its answer to US News, which it believes relies on crude factors that can be manipulated without trouble. The Washington Monthly, needless to say, is the product of dissatisfaction.