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  1. Climate of the Sahel and West Africa | Oxford Research ... › climatescience › view

    West Africa 1 has one of the most extreme climatic gradients in the world. Within some 1,000 km, the environment transitions from the hyper-arid Sahara Desert to forests with over 1,200 mm of rainfall per year. The Sahel region of West Africa is a semi-arid expanse of grassland, shrubs, and small, thorny trees lying just south of the Sahara.

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  2. Geography of Africa (Sahel (Geography (The Sahel spans 5,400 ... › diagram › Whxvu-2npwABvLrJ

    The climate of the Sahel is very tropical "Hot Steppe" they say. The climate is The climate is typically hot, sunny, dry and a little windy all year long. The temperature is normally around 36 and 42 °C.

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  4. (PDF) The climate of the Sahel - ResearchGate › publication › 234101792

    , the plot shows the coefficient of variation for annual precipitation (standard deviation normalised by the mean) for regions where annual precipitation exceeds 10 mm. Sahel sticks out as one of ...

  5. Late quaternary vegetation and climate of the Sahel ... › science › article

    Nov 01, 1989 · Map showing location of the Sahel vegetation zone in North Tropical Africa after White (1983), with corresponding climatic diagrams after Walter et al. (1975). For each diagram, the name of the station and the duration of observations in years (of two figures, the first indicates temperature, the second precipitation) are mentioned on the left ...

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  6. Geography of Africa (Savanna (Climate: The climate is usually ... › diagram › WhyPdsX_9wABtQXE

    Climate: The climate in the Sahel's are tropical. The climate is hot, sunny, very dry, and it receives a small amount of wind throughout the year. The rainfall is affected by a belt of low pressure girdling the earths's equator.

  7. Topic 6 Africa and Europe: relief, hydrography, climate ... › diagram › YHeVe5d4yfil0WZc

    Sahel: Tropical semi-arid savannah that borders to the north with the Sahara. Sudanese savanna: A tropical fruit savanna fringe that crosses the African continent, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Ethiopian massif. Forest of the Congo: After a transition zone from the Sahel, the Congo forest occupies most of the Africa center.

  8. Rainfall trends in the African Sahel: Characteristics ... › doi › full

    The name Sahel refers to the semi‐arid region stretching longitudinally from Senegal in West Africa to Sudan and Ethiopia in East Africa and latitudinally from just north of the tropical forests to just south of the Sahara desert (roughly between 10° and 20°N).

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  9. Sahel megadrought during Heinrich Stadial 1: evidence for a ... › science › article

    Dec 14, 2012 · The climate of the Sahel is characterized by a strong hydrologic seasonality controlled mainly by the West African monsoon system with high rainfall during the boreal summer and arid conditions during winter (Nicholson, 2009) as a result of the latitudinal and seasonal migration of the ITCZ and its associated tropical rainbelt (Hsu and Wallace, 1976).

  10. Africa and Europe: relief, hydrography, climate - Coggle Diagram › diagram › YG9m-cL7seiWY9V2

    Forest of the Congo: After a transition zone from the Sahel, the Congo forest occupies most of the Africa center.The second largest tropical forest continues in the world after the Amazonia. Namib Desert: It is the oldest desert in the world, since it existed during the Tertiary Era, 65 million years ago.

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