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  1. Christianity - Dogma, Definition & Beliefs - HISTORY

    Christianity is the most widely practiced religion in the world, with more than 2 billion followers. The Christian faith centers on beliefs regarding the birth, life, death and resurrection of ...

  2. Timeline of the Catholic Church

    The Novatian church will continue to exist up to the eighth century, but will be absorbed by the Catholic Church. *c. 251 St. Cyprian writes his famous treaty, On the Unity of the Church . He argues that the Church was founded on Peter, and that the local bishop was the head of the local Church.

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  4. Eastern Catholic Churches Terminology, History, Organisation ...

    The Eastern Catholic Churches or Oriental Catholic Churches, also called the Eastern-rite Catholic Churches, Eastern Rite Catholicism, or simply the Eastern Churches and in some historical cases referred to as Uniates, are twenty-three Eastern Christian sui iuris (autonomous) particular churches of the Catholic Church, in full communion with the pope in Rome.

  5. Jul 22, 2007 · There are three major groupings of Rites based on this initial transmission of the faith, the Roman, the Antiochian (Syria) and the Alexandrian (Egypt). Later on the Byzantine derived as a major Rite from the Antiochian, under the influence of St. Basil and St. John Chrysostom.

  6. Church without God – by design – CNN Belief Blog - Blogs

    Jun 22, 2013 · There is the great flood, all first born of Egypt, Sodom & Gomorrah, Jericho, and many more. In fact, there are so many stories of god killing people, it's hard to keep count. Like the story of god sending bears to kill kids for mocking an old man.

  7. catholicism - Christianity Stack Exchange

    I think I remember having read some official document of the Catholic Church (maybe even of Vatican II) explicitly stating that the Church, while establishing the Faith in a heathen area or culture, does not always need to fight the existing heathen rituals and feasts; rather, in certain cases, it may borrow and adapt these feasts, leaving many ...

  8. Imagination and Your Spiritual Life -

    Jan 05, 2012 · There are many sources for this: Bible verses, the writings of the saints, the Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis, the Mysteries of the Rosary, The Stations of the Cross, the Liturgical Year, Lives of the Saints, or even the Summa Theologica. There are also books with meditations for every day of the year if you find those helpful.

  9. Catholics, i have a very important question for you. i know ...

    Mar 04, 2009 · ok, so first af all, i'll start by telling you that i don't want to offend anyone with this question. my whole family is catholic (i'm not btw) so i'm not coming in war mode. exodus 20:2-5 " I Jehovah am your god, who brought you out of the land of egypt. you shall not have any gods besides me, you shall not carve idols for yourselves in the shape of anything in the sky above or in the earth ...

  10. Catholic Church in the Philippines - Wikipedia

    The Catholic Church wields great influence on Philippine society and politics. One typical event is the role of the Catholic hierarchy during the bloodless People Power Revolution of 1986. Then- Archbishop of Cebu Ricardo Cardinal Vidal and then- Archbishop of Manila Jaime Cardinal Sin were the two pillars of the uprising against autocratic ...

  11. Pope Francis is an example of a religious leader making a ...

    As a result, the Catholic Church became a force for human rights in many instances. In Brazil under the authoritarian government there Catholic priests and bishops stood up for the rights of peasants, dissidents and indigenous people being persecuted and enshrined their rights in Brazil's 1988 Constitution.

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