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  2. Glass Sequel Movie: Will It Happen & Story Details | Screen Rant

    Jan 19, 2019 · In fact, even James McAvoy himself didn't get that it was a sequel; he overlooked the critical scene in the script, and the film was partway through production before he worked it out. According to Shyamalan, this is the end of the tale he began with Unbreakable, which he refers to as the "Eastrail 177 Trilogy."

    • Thomas Bacon
  3. 'Glass' teases a potential sequel or spinoff — What it could ...

    M. Night Shyamalan's " Glass " is finally in theaters and it ended with a shocking twist you probably didn't expect. Though Shyamalan has been persistent on not doing a sequel to "Glass," no matter its success, the movie opens itself up for a potential spin-off or sequel somewhere down the road.

    • Kirsten Acuna
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    • GLASS "Kevin Meets Mr Glass" clip (2019) - Unbreakable & Split Movie Sequel
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    • GLASS Trailer 2 (2019)
  4. Glass sequel – how Shyamalan's world could continue without a ...

    So if you've seen Glass, you'll know that a direct sequel is pretty much impossible given that its three returning characters – Kevin Wendell Crumb (James McAvoy), David Dunn (Bruce Willis) and...

    • Ian Sandwell
  5. Will ‘Glass’ Get A Sequel? The Franchise’s Universe Is Full ...

    Jan 18, 2019 · Jan. 17, 2019. It’s been nearly two decades since the superhero cult classic Unbreakable hit theaters, and writer/director M. Night Shyamalan's latest follow-up, Glass, is out Jan. 18.

  6. M. Night Shyamalan Says No to Any ‘Glass’ Sequels | IndieWire

    Jan 08, 2019 · M. Night Shyamalan Says No to ‘Glass’ Sequels, Originally Wrote the Horde From ‘Split’ Into ‘Unbreakable’ The writer-director has no interest building a cinematic universe. Zack Sharf

    • Zack Sharf
  7. Will There Be Another Movie or Sequel After Glass? | POPSUGAR ...

    Jan 26, 2019 · Although we don't have the answers to those questions and likely never will, there is one thing that we can answer for you: is Glass actually the end of Shyamalan's trilogy or is another film in...

  8. 'Glass' Ending Spoilers: Will The Movie Have a Sequel?

    Keeping the ending to Glass in mind, it doesn't yield a sequel. However, there have been several films—including the upcoming Disney-Pixar venture Toy Story 4 —that have produced additional...

  9. 'Glass' is a sequel to 2 movies, including a Disney movie ...

    In addition to Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson, two actors from "Unbreakable" who played David's son and Mr. Glass' mom are returning for the sequel. M. Night Shyamalan's next movie " Glass " is in theaters Friday, January 18, and it's been a long time coming. While you may know it's a sequel to 2017's thriller "Split," starring James McAvoy as a man with multiple personalities, you may not have realized it's also a direct sequel to one of Shyamalan's first movies, "Unbreakable ...

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