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  1. Probably for the same reason that Rheims Cathedral France is sacred, and Jesus never went there either. This is the location of the founding of the Holy Roman Empire in 496 A.D. (baptism of King Clovis) when a white dove descended from heaven carr...

  2. Feb 24, 2019 · Vatican City is within Italy, surrounded by big, beautiful walls. Immigration into Vatican City is the strictest in the world, with very few people actually being permitted citizenship, but the pope is pushing for Islamic migration across the world. He is helping to usher in the Antichrist.

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  4. Sep 14, 2015 · The Holy Scriptures together with the Holy Spirit, Who inspired them, are the “Testimony of Jesus”; “The Spirit of Prophecy”. But you Adventists have taken that Glorious Title away from the Holy Spirit and the Holy Scriptures and ascribed it to a mere human.

  5. The Roman Colosseum is once again the site of ancient Roman bloody spectacle come alive except that this time it is poor Jesus and his bloody Stations of the Cross which are re-enacted in Vatican hypocritical feel-good theatrics of Pope Francis - as the great pretender and impostor of Jesus - holding a not-heavy cross and jawing a lot of hollow holy words – to cover-up his own worst crime ...

  6. The Vatican invented the Sacraments to deceive mankind especially 1.2 billion Catholics and it gave popes and priests the power to clone Christ’s exact same flesh-and-blood in Calvary, Christ is not only being re-crucified daily by more than 400,000 Roman Catholic priests worldwide – he is also being imprisoned in tabernacles albeit in gold ...

  7. “ The Pope is not only the representative of Jesus Christ, but he is Jesus Christ, Himself, hidden under the veil of human flesh. ” — Catholic National, July 1895 . “ The Pope and God are the same, so he has all power in Heaven and earth .”

  8. Aug 19, 2015 · Catholics too often forget that Our Lord Jesus Christ is in control of His Church. Catholics also all too often forget that the Pope is merely Christ's Vicar: the Pope, as every Catholic is, is bound to believe and obey everything Christ taught and everything that has been infallibly taught in the universal and ordinary Magisterium.