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    • "VENOM" Eats SPIDER-MAN | VENOM Trailer Final Scene (HD)
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    Are Spiderman and Venom together?

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  2. Venom Just Recreated Spider-Man's Darkest Moment | Screen Rant

    Dec 29, 2020 · Venom Just Recreated Spider-Man's Darkest Moment Gwen Stacy's death took a toll on Spider-Man and now his failure to save Venom from a similar fate is giving him flashbacks to that dark memory. By James Heinrichs 3 minutes ago SPOILER WARNING for King in Black #2!

  3. Weird things about Spider-Man and Venom's relationship

    Apr 03, 2020 · Venom and Spider-Man have been fierce enemies — but while Venom was initially set upon getting revenge on Spidey, the emergence of Carnage and other symbiote threats have forced Spider-Man and...

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  5. Mar 27, 2019 · Gwenom's Powers Now bonded to the symbiote, Gwen fully regained her powers without the need for the isotopes, with a noticeable power upgrade and all the powers of the main Marvel Universe's Venom, including tendrils, unlimited webbing and a shapeshifting costume.

  6. Does Venom connect to Spider-Man and the Marvel Cinematic ...

    While its star is a Spider-Man villain, Peter Parker's superheroic alter ego does not star in the movie. And while Tom Holland's version of Spider-Man is part of Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe,...

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  7. Venom (Symbiote) (Earth-65) | Marvel Database | Fandom
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    The Venom symbiote was created by Dr. Elsa Brock, who was researching the Radioactive Spider Isotopes that Cindy Moon had created to keep Agent 77 from knowing he'd been cured, which were later used to temporarily restore Spider-Woman's powers. While it can take the form of an amorphous mass,its default form is a swarm of gelatinous spider-like creatures that can amalgamate, separate, and shapeshift at will. Intending to create a cure for the Lizard Formula created by Peter Parker and Curt Connors, Dr. Brock exposed the Lizard formula to the spider isotopes. This created an amorphous, black symbiotic entity which she described as a "mutant cousin" to the extraterrestrial spider parasites that Cindy Moon had used to engineer the mutant spider that had given Gwen her powers in the first place. Matt Murdock, a corrupt lawyer and crime lord, offered Gwen the symbiote as a solution to both her powerlessness and a cure for her friend Harry Osborn, who had injected himself with the Lizard...


    The Venom symbiote grants its host powers similar to those possessed by Spider-Woman. It feeds off the radiation emitted by the spider isotopes to live, while simultaneously amplifying it to levels that prove fatally toxic to incompatible hosts. Additionally, the symbiote amplifies its hosts emotions, removing their inhibitions and making them impulsive and aggressive if they feed it negative emotions.Even after Gwen learns how to control it, if she is feeling particularly angry the symbiote...


    1. Heat: Like its mainstream counterpart, this symbiote is vulnerable to extreme temperatures, which cause it severe discomfort. 2. Sonics: Like its mainstream counterpart, this symbiote is also affected by sonic weaponry. However, it is only affected when bonded to a host, and is otherwise completely unaffected. 3. Malnutrition: According to Peter Parker, the reason why Gwen's powers go out of control along with getting headaches is that the symbiote feeds off nutrients that its host digests...

    This version of Venom combines the extraterrestrial origin of the mainstream version of Venom and the lab experiment origin of the Ultimate version of Venom.
    Although it resembles a Klyntar and is referred to as a symbiote, this adaptation of Venom is an artificial creation and thus does not leave behind codices nor have any connection to Knull.
  8. Spider-Man Once Turned Gwen Stacy Into Carnage | Screen Rant

    May 18, 2020 · Spider-Man Turns Gwen Stacy Into His Undead Carnage Bride When Spider-Man bonds with Venom to become a monster, he needs a bride - and finds her in Gwen Stacy, along with one of Marvel's grossest stories. By Kirk Smith May 18, 2020 When Spider-Man accepted the Other, he was reborn with all new powers and a second chance at life.

  9. Spider-Man How Did One Reality's Miles Morales & Gwen Stacy ...

    But doing so ensured Gwen got the chance to outgrow her potential darkness as the new Venom. Earth-8 seems like a potential happiest possible ending for the heroes of Earth-65 and even Earth-616: a world where multiversal adventures have produced grand heroes, strong allies, and ever-lasting peace.

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