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  1. Isabella name meaning and origin Isabella is an Italian and Spanish variation of Elizabeth, which comes from the Hebrew name Elisheba, meaning "devoted to God" or "God is my oath." With its regal and elaborate feel, Isabella is a popular choice among parents searching for a classic, elegant name.

  2. What does Isabella mean? Isabella as a name for girls is of Hebrew derivation, and the name Isabella means "God is my oath". Isabella is an alternate spelling of Elizabeth (Hebrew). Isabella is also a variation of Isabel (Hebrew). See also Bella, Ella, Marisela ENDS WITH -la ASSOCIATED WITH oath Variations

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  6. Isabella is a feminine given name, which is the Latinised form of Hebrew Elisheba (whence also Elizabeth) or the Latinised form of Jezebel (אִיזֶבֶל‎, ʾĪzével, ʾĪzeḇel). It is common in Italy and fifth most popular name in the United States in 2019. Diminutive name: Bella [1] It may refer to: Contents 1 People 1.1 Royalty 1.2 Other

  7. Isabella was the daughter of John II of Castile and his second wife, Isabella of Portugal. Three years after her birth her half brother became king as Henry IV. Despite the fact that she had a younger brother, Alfonso, and that her early years were spent quietly with her mother at Arévalo, Isabella was soon drawn into Castilian politics.