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  1. Islam in Oman has a has a high following. Islam is the state-religion in Oman. There are about 95% Muslims in Oman. 45% of the Muslim population of Oman follow both Sunni Islam and the Ibadi branch of the sect Kharijite.

  2. The Fruit of Islam (FOI) is the security and disciplinary wing of the Nation of Islam (NOI). It has also been described as its paramilitary wing. The Fruit of Islam wear distinctive blue, brown or white uniforms and caps and have units at all NOI temples.

  3. The shahadah means there is no other god except Allah(one God) and Prophet Muhammad is the messenger/prophet of Allah. The shahadah can be recited when a person chooses to revert to Islam as the words in the shahadah are the key fundamental beliefs in Islam. Prayer - Praying five times a day, kneeling towards Mecca. There are specific ...

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