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    Episode 2, Season 1. ... 11 out of 13 users found this review helpful. Alright, that's a bit hyperbolic. ... to angrily bitching out a parking lot attendant, to even ...

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    The Kids Are Alright. ... Set in the 70s, this comedy follows a traditional Irish-Catholic family. Read more. ... in the season finale of this family comedy.

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    In this episode a lot of the past is dug up, literally. Billy Quizboy finds a mysterious message hidden in an old episode of the Rusty Venture cartoon that leads him to a buried box next to Brock Samson's room. The contents of the box divulge the secret origin of the Guild of Calamitous Intent and the entire purpose for why Brock was assigned to protect the Venture Family.

    Billy's Discovery

    Billy Quizboy sits in his trailer watching a rerun of the Rusty Venture cartoon from the 1970s. Billy pauses the video when Rusty fires a gun, noting the string of numbers and symbols hidden in the gunsmoke and writing them in sequence on a long strip of paper. Thrilled with his discovery, Billy calls out to Pete White. Billy shows White how the symbols are part of a helical cipher; when wrapped around an empty toilet paper tube they can be read in the correct order. Billy is distraught that...

    The Original Guild

    A flashback reveals that The Guild of Calamitous Intent existed during the Gilded Age as merely The Guild, and had been "founded to protect and serve humanity's best, not to be 'a guild of calamitous intent.'" A cabal of Guild members, including Colonel Lloyd Venture (Rusty Venture's great-grandfather), his bodyguard Eugen Sandow, Fantômas (grandfather of Phantom Limb), Aleister Crowley, Samuel Clemens, and Oscar Wilde, had devoted their lives to "perfect and protect" a mysterious artifact kn...

    The Secret Message

    In his room, Brock listens to the end of the cylinder, which says the rest of Sandow's story is on a second cylinder. Brock checks the box and finds the second cylinder missing. Dean and Hank sit at a computer in the living room, reading the decoded message aloud: The scene then abruptly cuts to the opening sequence for the original Rusty Venturecartoon show.

    James Urbaniak: Dr. Venture/Rusty Venture, Oscar Wilde
    Patrick Warburton: Brock Samson
    Michael Sinterniklaas: Dean Venture
    Chris McCulloch: Hank Venture, Pete White, Hunter, Kano, Lloyd Venture, Fantômas, Additional Voices

    The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay(pilot) 1. The police officer who enters the Studio 54 bathroom to check on Dr. Venture and Billy Quizboy is the same one who attempted to apprehend The Monarch for jumping the NYC subway turnstile in The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay. 2. Scamp, the Venture family dog, first appeared in the pilot episode (albeit without his skin). The Incredible Mr. Brisby 1. Times Square is covered with images of Bizzy Bee and advertisements for the Brisby corporation, the company owned by Roy Brisby from The Incredible Mr. Brisby. Eeny, Meeny, Miney...Magic! 1. Hank finds the remains of Scamp, the Venture family dog, buried in Brock's herb garden. Scamp was last seen as a vision that appeared to Dean inside the Joy Can in Eeny, Meeny, Miney...Magic! Mid-Life Chrysalis 1. Hank and Dean tie their shirts around their head when carrying out their father's whims (Hank to dig up the herb garden, Dean to serve Red Mocho Koolers.) They previously wore their shirts like hat...

    Aleister Crowley 1. Occultist, author, and "Great Beast" Aleister Crowley was a member of the original Guild. 2. Crowley claimed to be the last to add his genius to the Orb. 3. Fantômascalled him "the chubby wizard", referencing Crowley's appearance and mystical reputation. Archimedes of Syracuse 1. According to Col. Venture, Archimedes, the famous mathematician, engineer, and inventor of Greek antiquity began the construction of the Orb"with little more than a mirror alignment." Avon Products 1. The Guild is attacked by "the Avon Ladies", door-to-door salespeople for Avonskin care and beauty products. Edgar Allan Poe 1. Hank incorrectly guesses that American author Edgar Allan Poe wrote Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray. Eugen Sandow 1. Famed bodybuilder Eugen Sandow, the "father of modern bodybuilding", served as Col. Lloyd Venture's bodyguard in the original Guild. Fantômas 1. Fantômas, famed villain of French literature, was a member of the original Guild and the grandfat...

    One of the animation directors (Kimson Albert) has a "nickname" inserted into his credits. The nickname is an unusual line or word from the preceding episode. For ORBthe credit reads Kimson "Butter...

    The Guild's logo, as seen in the zeppelin interior, contains both the sword from the contemporary O.S.I. logo and the dragon from the contemporary Guild of Calamitous Intentlogo, possibly suggestin...
    Dr. Venture first introduces the concept of a "Doctail" on the show when he has Dean serve him a Red Mocho Kooler, made with Kahlúa, Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup, and a dash of red Kool-Aid.
    • August 10th, 2008
    • Doc Hammer
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    A new season of the compilation episodes seems to be starting already on Nat Geo Czech Republic. First episode airs this Monday 22:00 CET. The first 7 episodes are as following.

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    Jan 29, 2021 · The seventh season of That 70s Show is the final season with Topher Grace as a series regular and also the final full season for Ashton Kutcher. Despite still having both of those cast member, the show finds itself flailing especially with Topher Grace's Eric, who is stuck in a terrible arc for most of the season.

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    The episode is still shown in other countries, as I see it on occasion on dutch television. It is also available over Netflix in America as a part of Season 1. It's been moved to the Season 2 list. It's also on the season 2 Vanilla Edition DVD of the Fairly Oddparents; Missing Mom: For the following: Wanda, Chester, Trixie, Wendell

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    BEVERLY ANN was good in season 8, and especially in the episode '7 little Indians'! Yes, SLI is a fan favorite and she was so good in that style of comedy! "The Facts of Life" - re-imagined episode guide with all 8 girls in all 9 seasons

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    ‘Snowpiercer’ Season 2 Review: Mr Wilford Is A Terrifying 'Old White Dictator With A Train Set' Jimmy Kimmel Begins (And Ends) A Pizza War With Jimmy Fallon 'Made For Love' Is On HBO Max, 'Invincible' Is On Amazon: Both Are On Podjiba (This Week, At Least)! Aliens, Godzillas, and Kongs, Oh My! Goddamn, Xander Harris Was the Absolute Worst

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