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  1. Albanian alphabet - Wikipedia › wiki › Albanian_Alphabet

    The modern Latin-based Albanian alphabet is the result of long evolution. Before the creation of the unified alphabet, Albanian was written in several different alphabets, with several sub-variants: Derived alphabets. Latin-derived alphabet. The Latin script, using various conventions:

  2. Albanian language - Wikipedia › wiki › Albanian_language

    One of the earliest dictionaries of Albanian language was written in 1693 which was an Italian language manuscript authored by Montenegrin sea captain Julije Balović Pratichae Schrivaneschae and includes a multilingual dictionary of hundreds of the most often used words in everyday life in the Italian, Slavic, Greek, Albanian and Turkish ...

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  4. Italiera - Wikipedia, entziklopedia askea. › wiki › Italiera

    Italiera (Italiano) latinetik datorren hizkuntza erromantze bat da. 70 milioi hiztun ditu, batez ere Italian.Hortik kanpo, hiztunen kopuruaren arabera ordenaturik, herrialde hauetan ere modu esanguratsuan mintzatzen da: Alemania, Argentina, Suitza, Frantzia, Brasil, Belgika, AEB, Britainia Handia, Kanada, Australia, Mexiko eta Uruguain.

  5. Latin alphabet - Wikipedia › wiki › Latin_alphabet

    Etymology. The term Latin alphabet may refer to either the alphabet used to write Latin (as described in this article) or other alphabets based on the Latin script, which is the basic set of letters common to the various alphabets descended from the classical Latin alphabet, such as the English alphabet.

  6. İtalyanki - Wikipedia › wiki › İtalyanki

    Italian romance languages İtalyanki (be İtalyanki: italiano ya zi lingua italiana ), yew zıwano ke Zıwananê Hind u Ewropakiyan miyan de ca gêno. İtalyanki dewletanê İtalya , İswiçre , San Marino , Vatikan , Xırvatıstan u Slowenya de zıwano resmiyo.

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    • Grisons, Ticino, Istria County, İtalya, Izola, Piran u San Marino
  7. Society for the Publication of Albanian Letters - Wikipedia › wiki › Society_for_the

    Society for the Publication of Albanian Letters (Albanian: Shoqëri e të Shtypuri Shkronja Shqip) was a patriotic organization of Albanian intellectuals, promoting publications in Albanian language, especially school texts, which were extremely important for the younger generation's education.

  8. Italian colonists in Albania - Wikipedia › wiki › Italian_colonists_in_Albania

    Italian loans subsidized the Albanian government and economy, and Italian military instructors trained the Albanian army. Italian colonial settlement was encouraged and the first 300 Italian colonists settled in Albania. Despite this strong Italian influence, King Zog of Albania refused to give in completely to Italian pressure.

  9. Armenian alphabet - Wikipedia › wiki › Tyown

    The alphabet was therefore most probably created between the conversion of Iberia under Mirian III (326 or 337) and the Bir el Qutt inscriptions of 430, contemporaneously with the Armenian alphabet. Traditionally, the following phrase translated from Solomon's Book of Proverbs is said to be the first sentence to be written down in Armenian by ...

  10. Croatian language - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ... › wiki › Croatian_language

    The Croatian language uses a Latin script of 30 letters and one diphthong "ie" or "ije", and "ŕ". This system is called gajica in Croatian (or Croatian Gaj's Latin alphabet). The name came from Ljudevit Gaj. The letter order (and whole alphabet) is called abeceda in Croatian, because the first 4 letters are spelled "a, be, ce, de".

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