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  1. List of Indo-European languages - Wikipedia

    The Indo-European languages include some 449 (SIL estimate, 2018 edition) language families spoken by about or more than 3.5 billion people (roughly half of the world population). Most of the major languages belonging to language branches and groups of Europe, and Western and southern Asia, belong to the Indo-European language family. Therefore ...

  2. List of English words of Dravidian origin - Wikipedia

    Dravidian languages include Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, and a number of other languages spoken mainly in South Asia. The list is by no means exhaustive. Some of the words can be traced to specific languages, but others have disputed or uncertain origins. Words of disputed or less certain origin are in the "Dravidian languages" list.

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  4. Official names of India - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...

    India has 23 official languages. The its constitution lists the name of the country in each of the languages. Hindi and English (listed in boldface) are the "official languages of the union" (Union meaning the Federal Government located in Delhi); Tamil and Sanskrit are officially the "classical languages of India."

  5. Jopara - Wikipedia

    Jopara (Guarani pronunciation: ) or Yopará (Spanish: [ɟʝopaˈɾa]) is a colloquial form of Guarani spoken in Paraguay which uses a number of Spanish loan words. Its name is from the Guarani word for "mixture." The majority of Paraguayans, particularly younger ones, speak some form of Jopara.

  6. List of writing systems - Wikipedia

    This is a list of writing systems (or scripts), classified according to some common distinguishing features.. The usual name of the script is given first; the name of the language(s) in which the script is written follows (in brackets), particularly in the case where the language name differs from the script name.

  7. List of numbers in various languages - Wikipedia

    The following tables list the cardinal number names and symbols for the numbers 0 through 10 in various languages and scripts of the world. Where possible, each language's native writing system is used, along with transliterations in Latin script and other important writing systems where applicable.

  8. Bhasa - Wikipedia

    Standard Hindi 325,000,000; A total of 650,000,000 including Urdu (Pakistanke official bhasa ) aur jiske duusra bhasa hae, isme Maithili nai hae. Sab Hindi-Urdu dialect me baat kare waale ek duusre ke samajhe sake hae.

  9. Please go through the wikipedia link to understand its wide spread usage across most Ancient Languages including Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, Awadhi, Haryanvi. I see you have included "Hindi" as a target language, which of course, is the most spoken language in the Indian Subcontinent.

  10. 10+ Dravidian languages ideas | english language learning ...

    Persian Alphabet Hindi Alphabet Korean Alphabet Hindi Language Learning Learning Arabic Dravidian Languages Spoken Arabic Learn Hindi Semitic Languages Telugu alphabet, pronunciation and language Telugu is a Dravidian language spoken mainly in Andhra Pradesh and neighbouring states in southern India by about 75 million people.

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