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  1. Ittoqqortoormiit climate guide Get the latest coronavirus (Covid-19) updates for Greenland with current travel advice and statistics on new cases per 100,000 and vaccine. Temperature

  2. Ittoqqortoormiit weather in September 2021, Greenland › greenland

    The average sea temperature around Ittoqqortoormiit in September is 1°C. Does it rain in Ittoqqortoormiit in September? There are usually 8 days with some rain in Ittoqqortoormiit in September and the average monthly rainfall is 49mm .

  3. Geography of Greenland - Wikipedia › wiki › Climate_of_Greenland

    Greenland's climate is a tundra climate on and near the coasts and an ice cap climate in inland areas. It typically has short, cool summers and long, moderately cold winters. Due to Gulf Stream influences, Greenland's winter temperatures are very mild for its latitude. In Nuuk, the capital, average winter temperatures are only −9 °C (16 °F).

    • 2,166,086 km² (836,330 sq mi)
    • 44,087 km (27394.4 mi)
  4. Northeast Greenland National Park: All You Need To Know › blog › northeast-greenland

    Feb 13, 2019 · Northeast Greenland National Park weather is quite harsh in the winter months. Its location in the extreme north adds to the cold. In the summer months, it is warmer and drier because of it’s close vicinity to the sea. The average winter temperature is around -20-degree Celsius in the months of November to April.

  5. Radiosonde‐Derived Temperature Inversions and Their ... › doi › full

    Aug 15, 2018 · Temperature inversions occur in >85% of east Greenland summer soundings and are generally elevated (150 m asl) with a median inversion depth of 240 m and an inversion intensity of 2 °C. Retrieved FTH is commonly 150–200 m asl but can reach an altitude of 700 m asl.

    • Gaëlle F. Gilson, Hester Jiskoot, John J. Cassano, Tyrell R. Nielsen
    • 6
    • 2018
  6. Mar 02, 2017 · Mernild SH, Hanna E, Yde JC, Cappelen J, Malmros JK (2014) Coastal Greenland air temperature extremes and trends 1890–2010: annual and monthly analysis. Int J Climatol 34:1472–1487. doi:10.1002/joc.3777. Article Google Scholar Mote TL (1998) Mid-tropospheric circulation and surface melt on the Greenland Ice Sheet.

  7. 15 of the Most Remote Places on Earth - Treehugger › most-remote-places-on-earth
    • Tristan Da Cunha, South Atlantic Ocean. The volcanic island of Tristan Da Cunha in the South Atlantic Ocean has the honor of being the most remote point on Earth inhabited by humans.
    • Pitcairn Islands, Southern Pacific Ocean. The Pitcairn Islands, a group of four volcanic islands in the Southern Pacific Ocean, are also part of the British Overseas Territory.
    • Easter Island, Chile. Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, is technically part of Chile, even though the remote island sits about 2,200 miles off the coast. It's more than 2,600 miles from Tahiti (from which many tourists travel), 1,200 miles from Pitcairn Island, and 1,600 miles from the largest of the Gambier Islands in French Polynesia, Mangareva.
    • Devon Island, Canada. Devon Island in Canada's Nunavut Territory is the largest uninhabited island on the planet with a landscape so cold, rocky, and isolated that scientists have spent two decades there pretending it's Mars.
  8. EGRIP Field Station - INTERACT › field-sites › egrip-field-station

    Scientific reference area is a 50 by 50 km square with the station in the centre. The station is on the centre axis of the North East Greenland Ice Stream (NEGIS), 480 km from Danmarkshavn, 690 km from Ittoqqortoormiit and 350 km NNE of Summit Station. Due to its location in the ice stream, the station moves 50 m NNE per year.

  9. More People Are Searching For Off-The-Grid Travel, Study ... › life › more-people-are-searching

    Dec 03, 2018 · The Ittoqqortoormiit area in Greenland is one of the most remote towns in the country. Visitors are usually transported by helicopter, via the Ittoqqortoormiit Heliport, from the Nerlerit Inaat ...

  10. Mar 07, 2020 · If you are already cold in the European winter, go to Yakutsk. The Siberian city is one of the coldest, continuously inhabited places in the world with an annual average temperature of -10 degrees Celsius and an average value of icy -41 degrees Celsius in January. An icy fog often hangs over the city, which can obscure the view to only ten meters.

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