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  1. There were 10 main manufactures of the US GI wartime M1 carbine. Models made by Universal Hialeah and Iver Johnson are post war commercial models. M1 carbines made by Universal, normally have the ventilated hand guard and modified bolt.

  2. Universal Firearms made a .30 caliber pistol from 1964 to 1983, it was named the Enforcer. Built similar to the M1 carbine it lacked the stock, therefore, making it a pistol or a handgun. Sold to Iver-Johnson in 1983 The Enforcer continued to be made until 1986. Other handguns chambered for this cartridge include the Thompson Center

  3. Iver Johnson/Universal Enforcer in 30 carbine, with M! carbine action, 30 round magazine,4 pounds, 11 1/4" barrel, 19" overall, & made between 1979 & 1983 so its close to 40 years ...

  4. Plainfield's First .30 Caliber M1 Carbines. The highest serial number observed on an H&S carbine so far has been A615. The lowest serial number observed on a PMC .30 caliber carbine so far has been A711. About four years later Plainfield produced carbines in caliber 5.7 Johnson using an A prefix serial number.

  5. The Standard Model 888 M1 Carbine. advertisement in Gun Digest 2001 The American Rifleman January 2001 p.74-75 (authored in 2000) provides a basic review of the IAI M1 Carbine and indicates it was manufactured in Houston by IAI. The receiver was made from investment cast 4140 steel and most parts were manufactured domestically.

  6. This brand new Glock 23 (PI2350203) is a semi-automatic pistol which fires the .40 S&W round. It has a 4" barrel and matte black finish. This includes 2 13-round magazines, mag loa...

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