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  1. John Joseph MacGowran (13 October 1918 – 30 January 1973) was an Irish actor, probably best known for his work with Samuel Beckett. His last film role was as the alcoholic director Burke Dennings in The Exorcist (1973). Contents 1 Stage career 2 Film career 3 Personal life 4 Partial filmography 5 References 6 External links Stage career

  2. The film is considered cursed. Ellen Burstyn was permanently injured during filming, stars Jack MacGowran and Vasiliki Maliaros both died before the movie was even released and a fire destroyed most of the set. A film-goer seeing the movie also broke his jaw after fainting ... and sued Warner Bros., claiming the flick made him pass out.2.

  3. Vasiliki Maliaros was born on October 16, 1883 in Athens, Greece. She was an actress, known for The Exorcist (1973). She died on February 9, 1973 in The Bronx, New York, USA. See full bio » Born: October 16, 1883 in Athens, Greece Died: February 9, 1973 (age 89) in The Bronx, New York, USA Known For The Exorcist Karras' Mother 1973

    • Athens, Greece
    • The Bronx, New York, USA
    • 1883-10-16
    • 1973-2-9
  4. It stars himself and, at her most exquisite, Sharon Tate, along with Jack MacGowran as the addle-pated Professor Abronsius (a vampire hunter more batty than the vampires themselves) and Ferdy Mayne as the aristocratic blood drinker, Count von Krolock. Krzysztof Komeda (Rosemary’s Baby) contributed the eerie score.

    • Christopher Fiduccia
    • Linda Blair Was Scared Of The Dummy Used For Certain Scenes. Most people who saw The Exorcist were horrified of both Linda Blair and the dummy they used for certain scenes.
    • Marlon Brando And Jack Nicholson Were Considered For Priest Roles. Several famous actors were passed up when it came to the roles of Regan and her mother Chris, but even more famous actors were considered for the roles of the priests.
    • The Name Of The Demon Is Never Stated In The Movie. One common misconception about The Exorcist is that Regan is actually not possessed by Satan, but another demon called Pazuzu.
    • Sound Design Was A Huge Part Of The Filmmaking Process. Often times, people can underestimate the importance of sound design in a movie. Throughout the film, agitated animals are often heard and mixed with the voice of the demon.
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