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  1. Jack Morrissey Apologizes for Deleted Covington 'Woodchipper ... › film-producer-jack-morrissey

    Jan 21, 2019 · Film producer Jack Morrissey apologized Monday for joking about “MAGA kids” going “screaming, hats first into the woodchipper.” The tweet was accompanied by an iconic image from “Fargo ...

  2. Beauty and the Beast Producer Tosses MAGA Kids into the Wood ... › daily-news › beauty-and

    Jan 26, 2021 · Hannah McDermott | Patriots Freedom Just when you thought the abuse against MAGA folks couldn’t get any worse, Disney producer Jack Morrissey has gone after our kids. In a graphic Twitter post he shared a fantasy that children of Trump followers would be tossed head-first into a wood chipper. The outcry from conservatives was swift […]

  3. ‘MAGA kids go into the woodchipper’: Disney producer ... - RT › usa › 449368-disney-producer-threatens

    Jan 21, 2019 · Morrissey, best known for his work on ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and the ‘Twilight’ saga, published the image of someone being stuffed into a woodchipper, complete with blood being spewed out onto the snow late on Saturday, accompanied by the comment “#MAGAkids go screaming, hats first, into the woodchipper.

  4. Current Disney Producer Publicly Fantasized About Throwing ... › 2021/02/16 › current-disney

    Feb 16, 2021 · Jack Morrissey is a producer at Disney whose most recent films include Beauty and the Beast and The Good Liar, according to IMDB. It turns out, he has some twisted horrific fantasies about what he dreams of doing to the children of Trump supporters. Sarah Palin shared Jack Morrissey’s now-deleted tweet back in 2019:

  5. Jack Morrissey, film producer, apologizes for wishing ... › news › 2019

    Jan 22, 2019 · Film producer Jack Morrissey apologized Monday for a tweet envisioning the Covington Catholic High School students who were involved in a media firestorm over the weekend going into a woodchipper.

  6. Petition · Demand Warner Brothers Fires Jack Morrissey from ... › p › warner-brothers-remove-jack

    On January 20, 2019, at 12:05am Jack Morrissey took to his verified twitter account @JackMorrissey to post “MAGAKids go screaming, Hats first, into the wood chipper. “ with an attached photo depicting children, by his own hands, being murdered via his wood chipper and subsequent blood spatter.

  7. Why hasn’t Disney cut ties with film producer who wished ... › 2019/01/23-why-hasnt

    Jan 23, 2019 · Disney producer Jack Morrissey joins the long list of celebrities who weighed in on the Covington Catholic controversy before learning all of the facts. In a now-deleted tweet, Morrissey called for the high school-aged teens to be shoved head-first “into a woodchipper.” The famed film producer says that the post he shared was meant to […]

  8. Petition · Demand Disney fire producer Jack Morrissey for his ... › p › the-walt-disney-company-demand

    Producer Jack Morrissey has horrifically posted calling for teenagers to be chucked into a wood-chipper. This hateful man has no business making family films, and his continued presence as a Disney producer indicates the company is perfectly fine with such hate from it's employees.

  9. Disney producer Jack Morrissey MAGA kids to the wood chipper › disney-producer-jack

    Feb 12, 2021 · According to The Colorado Herald “MAGA kids go screaming, hats first, into the wood chipper.” Morrissey sent the disturbing tweet out to his followers two years ago, and it’s making the rounds again, promoting new calls for Morrissey’s termination. Disney has not released any statements. Morrissey’s IMDB page lists hundreds of movies he has produced, […]

  10. Jan 20, 2019 · Hollywood Producer Jack Morrissey, Twitter avatar Jack Morrissey, a Hollywood Producer who is known for projects such as Beauty and the Beast and the Twilight Saga, called for minor teen high school boys to be murdered in a violent, gruesome manner. Mr. Morrissey joined the hate-filled media and piled on the Covington Catholic students after…

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