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  2. Ann-Margret is still a beauty at 78: See her then and now ...

    Sep 29, 2019 · American actor Jack Nicholson and Swedish-born American actress Ann-Margret smiling while looking into each other eyes in the film Carnal Knowledge. 1971 (Photo by Mondadori Portfolio via Getty ...

    • Jennifer Kline
  3. Watch Carnal Knowledge | Prime Video

    Interesting to see Jack Nicholson near the start of his career - in a Lothario role of course - and to see Art Garfunkel acting rather than singing. Ann-Margret is heartbreaking as the woman who truly falls for Nicholson - her despair shows the shadow side of the swinging lifestyle.

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  4. Carnal Knowledge (film) - Wikipedia

    Carnal Knowledge is a 1971 American comedy-drama film directed by Mike Nichols and written by Jules Feiffer.It stars Jack Nicholson, Art Garfunkel, Ann-Margret, Candice Bergen, and Rita Moreno.

  5. '60s sex symbol Ann-Margret looks lovely at 78 years old at ...

    Dec 02, 2019 · American actor Jack Nicholson and Swedish-born American actress Ann-Margret smiling while looking into each other eyes in the film Carnal Knowledge. 1971 (Photo by Mondadori Portfolio via Getty ...

    • Jennifer Kline
  6. Tommy (1975 film) - Wikipedia

    The film featured a star-studded ensemble cast, including the band members themselves (most notably, lead singer Roger Daltrey, who plays the title role), Ann-Margret, Oliver Reed, Eric Clapton, Tina Turner, Elton John, and Jack Nicholson.

    • $3 million
    • The Who
    • 19 March 1975 (United States), 26 March 1975 (United Kingdom)
    • Ken Russell, Robert Stigwood
  7. Roger Smith, Star of '77 Sunset Strip,' Dies at Age 84

    Jun 06, 2017 · Jack Gilardi, who is the agent of Smith's widow, actress Ann-Margret, said the actor died Sunday morning at a Los Angeles hospital after battling a terminal illness. Smith had battled the nerve ...

  8. Ann-Margret Filmography - IMDb

    Based on a true story of Iowa farm wife Lucile Fray. Ann-Margret plays a dying mother of ten whose last wish is to find loving families for her children. Director: John Erman | Stars: Ann-Margret, Frederic Forrest, Cathryn Damon, Donald Moffat. Votes: 535

  9. Ann-Margret - Wikipedia

    Ann-Margret published an autobiography in 1994 titled Ann-Margret: My Story, in which she publicly acknowledged her battle with and ongoing recovery from alcoholism. In 1995, she was chosen by Empire as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history; she ranked 10th.

  10. Ann-Margret: Young Vixen Of The '60s, Then And Now
    • A Triple Threat from The Start
    • Enter The 'Sexpot-Banshee'
    • The Swinging Pleasure-Seeker
    • After Her Peak
    • An Unexpected Tour de Force
    • Accident-Prone
    • Ann-Margret's Legacy

    A classic triple-threat star, with singing, dancing and acting chops, Ann-Margret began her showbiz career as a live song-and-dance performer with a group called the Suttletones. She was noticed by George Burns, who invited her to join his annual Christmas show, and she released her debut album in and singer, releasing her debut album And Here She Is in 1961. She attained extremely high praise in singing, dancing, and acting that few other people ever matched. She dueted with Elvis Presley in...

    Ann-Margret's acting career began with a screen test at 20th Century Fox that resulted in a seven-year contract. The famously shy actress quickly shed that timid personality when she portrayed seductresses in her early roles. In her biography, she described her change in personality once she got on stage, morphing “From Little Miss Lollipop to Sexpot-Banshee.\\" But maybe the most impressive aspect of Ann-Margret’s acting career is its breadth. She started acting in 1961 and won an Emmy in 2010...

    Ann-Margret's sex-kitten persona was bolstered by the roles she took -- she wasn't afraid to play up her sexuality or to appear in sensationalistic films. Following her success in Viva Las Vegas, her films included the provocatively-named Kitten With a Whip (1964), The Pleasure Seekers (1964), The Swinger (1966), The Tiger And The Pussycat (1967), and Mr. Kinky (1968). Even when the movies didn't seem obviously lurid, conventional wisdom dictated that a movie poster featuring Ann-Margret's ba...

    Ann-Margret didn't just make sex-kitten films -- she was also in a number of acclaimed movies with serious actors. She played Steve McQueen's love interest in The Cincinnati Kid (1966), and she was a standout in the ensemble cast of a 1966 remake of Stagecoach. Though she had been a white-hot star in the mid-'60s, Ann-Margret's bankability waned toward the end of the decade, as she was seen as part of the Hollywood favored by the older generation -- in a sense, she just wasn't rock 'n roll en...

    By the mid-'70s, Ann-Margret was approaching her mid-30s, and her career had definitely slowed. The Train Robbers, from 1973, paired her with John Wayne, who would later remark \\"When I die, I want Ann-Margret to dance on my coffin. If you don't see me in five minutes, you'll know I'm dead for sure.\\" But after that film, she didn't make a movie for two years. Then came a moment of brilliant casting, when she was selected to play Nora in Tommy, the 1975 film version of The Who's rock opera. Her...

    While her career constitutes an unmitigated success, she managed to do it while enduring a few traumatic injuries. In 1972, Ann-Margret fell 22 feet while performing in Lake Tahoe, breaking her face and arm in the fall. The accident required hours of facial reconstructive surgery to put her back together. Amazingly, she returned to stage without any problems. Margret also loved riding her motorcycles. In 2000, at the age of 59, while riding she was thrown off, sustaining numerous injuries. De...

    Ann-Margret's career can’t be classified as anything other than a roaring success. She continued acting throughout the '80s, '90s and into the 21st century, often as a featured star in TV productions. Looking back at her endless accomplishments, it seems the one that eluded her is the \\"next Marilyn Monroe\\" hype. She peaked just as American tastes were changing, and musicals or movies with song-and-dance numbers were waning in popularity. Perhaps it's time for a re-evaluation of Ann-Margret's...

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