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    Poland in the European Union. The European Union's executive branch sends a formal notice to Poland expressing their concern that the new "discretionary" powers given to the country's justice minister threaten the independence of the courts in violation of EU laws. Poland has a month to respond. (AP via ABC News) Law and crime

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    Currently, out of the 6,229,264 articles on Wikipedia, 33,075 are categorized as good articles (about 1 in 189), most of which are listed below. An additional 5,911 are listed as featured articles (about 1 in 1,060) and 3,729 as featured lists (about 1 in 1,680). Because articles are only included on one list, a good article that has been ...

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    The result of the concerns over the fate of Poland's Jews was a series of explicit clauses in the Versailles Treaty signed by the Western powers, and President Paderewski, [54] protecting the rights of minorities in new Poland including German (leading theme). In 1921, Poland's March Constitution gave the Jews the same legal rights as other ...

  4. (PDF) Belarusian Review. Special Jewish Issue (2016) | Kiryl ...

    This special Jewish issue of “Belarusian Review” is the result of a project combining the efforts of “Belarusian Review,” its online platform The_Point Journal, the Goldstein-Goren Diaspora Research Center at Tel Aviv University, and the Center for

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    High Middle Ages and Kingdom of Poland (1025–1385) · See more » Kingdom of Portugal. The Kingdom of Portugal (Regnum Portugalliae, Reino de Portugal) was a monarchy on the Iberian Peninsula and the predecessor of modern Portugal. New!!: High Middle Ages and Kingdom of Portugal · See more » Kingdom of Scotland

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    O Scribd é o maior site social de leitura e publicação do mundo.

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    Global Research: I want to refer to a recent article you mentioned about a devastating hammer that Iran can use against the United States in the event of an overt attack. And the US knows it. And the US knows it.

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    The Journal of Current Construction Issues. Sustainable Development in Construction was written on the basis of an increased interest in the project management in a construction industry and a recently intensified discourse about a sustainable

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  10. The greater the leader, “the more conspicuous the inevitability and the predestination of every act he commits.” ... Following the marriage of Poland’s Queen Jadwiga to Lithuania’s Grand ...

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