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  1. Union of Krewo - Wikipedia

    In a strict sense, the Union of Krewo or Act of Krėva was a set of prenuptial promises made at Kreva Castle on 14 August 1385 by Jogaila, Grand Duke of Lithuania, in exchange for his prospective marriage to the underage reigning King Jadwiga of Poland. The act was very limited in scope; but in historiography, the term "Union of Krewo" often refers not only to the particular document but to events of 1385–1386 as a whole. After the 1385 negotiations, Jogaila converted to Christianity ...

  2. Władysław II Jagiełło - Wikipedia

    Jogaila (), later Władysław II Jagiełło (Polish pronunciation: [vwaˈdɨswaf jaˈɡʲɛwːɔ] ()) (c. 1352/1362 – 1 June 1434) was the Grand Duke of Lithuania (1377–1434) and then the King of Poland (1386–1434), first alongside his wife Jadwiga until 1399, and then sole King of Poland.

    • 4 March 1386
    • Algirdas
    • May 1377 – August 1381, 3/15 August 1382 – 1 June 1434
    • Władysław III
  3. Union of Krewo (1385) | Familypedia | Fandom

    Polish nobles competed with each other and a brief civil war broke out in Greater Poland. Eventually, after long negotiations with Jadwiga's mother Elizabeth of Bosnia, who was regent of Hungary, Jadwiga arrived in Kraków and was crowned as King of Poland (not as Queen of Poland, to emphasize her rights to the throne) on October 15, 1384. The ...

  4. Wladyslaw II Jagiellon (c1362-1434) | Familypedia | Fandom

    In 1386, he converted Lithuania to Christianity, was baptized as Władysław, married the young queen regnant Jadwiga of Poland, and was crowned Poland's king as Władysław Jagiełło. His own reign in Poland started in 1399, upon death of Queen Jadwiga, and lasted a further thirty-five years and laid the foundation for the centuries-long ...

    • 88GN-62
    • Anne of Cilli (1380-1416)
    • Jadwiga of Poland (c1374-1399)
    • Elisabeth of Pilica (1372-1420)
  5. king ladislaus ii of poland : définition de king ladislaus ii ...

    Jadwiga's death, and with it the extinction of the Angevin line, undermined Władysław's right to the throne; and as a result old conflicts between the nobility of Lesser Poland, generally sympathetic to Władysław, and the gentry of Greater Poland began to surface.

  6. King Wladyslaw II Of Poland : Family tree by comrade28 - Geneanet

    Wladyslaw and Jadwiga reigned as co-monarchs; and though Jadwiga probably had little real power, she took an active part in Poland's political and cultural life. In 1387, she led two successful military expeditions to Red Ruthenia, recovered lands her father had transferred from Poland to Hungary, and secured the homage of Petru I, Voivode of ...

  7. premislaus of poland : définition de premislaus of poland et ...

    Before 1277, he became a duke of Poznań, and after the death of his uncle Boleslaw the Pious in 1279, he became the duke of whole of Greater Poland. Przemysł held a secret meeting and according to the Treaty of Kępno (1282), he was co-ruler with Mestwin II, duke of Pomerelia or Eastern Pomerania.

  8. Skwierzyna - Unionpedia, the concept map

    Skwierzyna (Schwerin an der Warthe) is a town of 10,339 inhabitants (2005) in Lubusz Voivodeship in western Poland, the administrative seat of the Gmina Skwierzyna. 52 relations.

  9. Pomerania - Unionpedia, the concept map

    Anastasia of Greater Poland. Anastasia of Greater Poland (Anastazja Mieszkówna; b. ca. 1164 – d. aft. 31 May 1240), was Duchess of Pomerania by marriage to Bogislaw I, Duke of Pomerania, and regent from 1187 until 1208. New!!: Pomerania and Anastasia of Greater Poland · See more » Ancient Estonia

  10. Berezyna and Lubuszany / Luboszany - the estate of Sapieha ...

    My research concerns many state intelligence networks created in the first half of the 18th century. Initially it was a global political network of the Russian intelligence infiltrated by the British [1791], French [from the 40s of the 18th century] and Germans [1769/1776], and by the Polish independence conspiracy [was established 1792/1799] starting from a years 1870/1878.