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  1. believes that James Files (or anybody else for that matter) fired a bullet into JFK's brain from the Grassy Knoll in Dallas, Texas. In my opinion, that obviously-large list of Files non-believers is a pretty big hurdle to overcome, even for the boldest of conspiracy promoters. Even a goodly number of CTers regard the Files story as pure hogwash.

  2. TO JAMES FILES CONFESSION CRITICS: ANSWER ME THIS by JIM MARRS First off let me set the record straight. I have not -- nor am I now --taking any particular position on the truthfulness of the James E. Files confession. I was not on the Grassy Knoll on November 22, 1963, so I cannot state with any 100 percent assurance what really happened.

  3. Short excerpt of a nearly 3 hour video interview with James Files; the self proclaimed grassy knoll assassin. Filmed at Statesville Prison on November 19th, ...

  4. Heres a list from Martin Shackelford of PROBLEMS with the James Files "Confession". 1) David Atlee Phillips, CIA propaganda expert, would seem an unlikely case officer for a Mob driver and hit man on No Name Key. This seems to be an attempt to tie Files credibly in with Oswald (the Veciana sighting

  5. Oswald, because James Files (standing next to this guy in the photo above) is 5-feet-11.* * = That 5'11" statistic can easily be confirmed by checking out James Files' official "State Of Illinois Department Of Corrections" prison-related documentation (link provided below). Files has been in prison

  6. Allan Eaglesham's research and presentation are indeed a serious blow to the James Files confession. At the very least it indicates that Files was aware of the marks on the .222 caliber shell beforehand and that he fabricated the story of biting down on it, IMO. Of course this casts doubt on the rest of his story.

  7. James Earl Files (alias James Sutton) claims to the be the shooter on the grassy knoll, November 22, 1963. He claims he shot President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. He also claims Lee Harvey Oswald did not fire a shot. (1) Files revealed this while incarcerated for the attempted murder of two police officers in 1994.

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