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  1. Inheritance (2006) - IMDb

    Jun 25, 2006 · Directed by James Moll. With Vivian Delman, Monika Hertwig, Reinhardt Hertwig, Helen Jonas. "Inheritance" is the story of Monika Hertwig and her journey to accept the truth about her father, Nazi commander, Amon Goeth, who was portrayed by actor Ralph Fiennes in "Schindler's List."

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  2. The trailer for the 2006 documentary film "Inheritance" starring Monika Hertwig, Helen Jonas, Vivian Delman and Reinhardt Hertwig.Director - James MollGenre ...

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  3. Inheritance (2006 film) - Wikipedia

    Inheritance was completed in 2006. It was produced by James Moll's company Allentown Productions. The primary footage was shot over the course of 13 days on location in Poland, but footage was also shot at Helen's home in New Jersey and on the outskirts of Munich, where Monika lived.

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  4. James Moll, who was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania – hence, the name of the company. His work as a documentary director/producer has earned him numerous awards including an Academy Award®, two Emmy Awards®, a Grammy Award®, and Peabody Award, among others.

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    Monika discovered at 13 that her father was Amon Goeth, Nazi leader of the Plaszow concentration camp, responsible for thousands of murders. Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker James Moll (The Last Days) follows Monika's search for answers about her father, meeting face-to-face with Helen Jonas, a Jewish woman who had been enslaved and brutalized by him.

  6. James Moll - Wikipedia

    James Moll is an American director and producer of film documentaries and television documentaries. His documentary work has earned him an Academy Award , two Emmys , and a Grammy . [1] Moll's production company, Allentown Productions Inc., has been based at Universal Studios since 1994, primarily producing film and television projects focused ...

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    Days That Shaped America
    Trenches of Rock
  7. This guide supports viewers in understanding the legacy of the Holocaust, the nature of atrocity, and how to respond to atrocities. FILM SYNOPSIS of Inheritance: Inheritance is the story of Monika Hertwig, the daughter of mass murderer Amon Goeth,

  8. Inheritance | POV | PBS

    Imagine watching Schindler’s List and knowing the sadistic Nazi camp commandant played by Ralph Fiennes was your father. Inheritance is the story of Monika Hertwig, the daughter of mass murderer...

  9. Helen Jonas-Rosenzweig - Wikipedia

    Jonas-Rosenzweig felt touched by this sentiment and agreed to meet her at the Płaszów Memorial Monument in Poland and tour Göth's villa with her for the 2006 documentary Inheritance. The documentary's director, James Moll , an associate of Steven Spielberg , helped bring the two women together to make the film for PBS .

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