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    May 16, 2021 · Sources estimate Dr. Jan Pol’s net worth to be $1 Million. This is way too low if compared to his peers or other vets who have been in the vet field in the past few years. How much he earns from the show per episode or per season is, however, unknown. The estimates of his salary are also unknown.

    • 78
    • Dr. Jan-Harm Pol
    • 4 th September 1942
    • The Netherlands
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    Jan-Harm Pol was born on 4 September 1942, in Drenthe, Netherlands, and is a veterinarian as well as television personality, best known for being the star of the Nat Geo Wild reality television show “The Incredible Dr. Pol”. He has over four decades worth of experience when it comes to treating animals, and is considered one of the pioneers of his profession, having treated over 23,000 cases ranging from white mice to cows.

    How rich is Dr. Jan Pol? As of late-2018, sources estimate a net worth that is over $1 million, earned through success in the veterinary field. He’s earned a significant amount of money for his work on television as well, and as he continues his career, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

    Throughout the years, Dr. Pol has encountered numerous types of animal sicknesses and injuries, some of which have proven unusual – one of the most unusual injuries he saw was a snake that had been chewed by a rat which was intended to be its prey. He often does field work, and also helps pregnant animals, goats with pneumonia, injured racehorses, and rabbits with overgrown teeth. He mentioned in an interview that his work is unpredictable, and he never knows what is going to happen in a day.

    However, Dr. Jan’s son realized at a young age that he didn’t want to follow in his father’s footsteps. He admired his father and stated that his father was his role model, however, his calling was elsewhere and he started working in the entertainment industry, moving to Hollywood. In 2009, he realized that there was a potential project that could be made about his father, and he convinced Dr. Jan that they could do a documentary on the doctor’s life. This lead to a concept for a television series entitled “The Incredible Dr. Pol.”

    For his personal life, it is known that Dr. Jan has been married to Diane for over 50 years – the two met while he was a foreign exchange student in high school. She has a master’s degree in Special Reading and used to work as a schoolteacher. He is a firm believer of spaying and neutering animals. He is also active with several philanthropic organizations, including FFA (Future Farmers of America), and 4-H, which aim to teach young adults about the proper care of animals. He is also an avid car collector, and his collection includes a 1937 Rolls Royce, a 1999 Plymouth Prowler, and a 1981 DeLorean made popular through the film “Back to the Future”. The family resides in a log cabin and they own numerous pets, including a Great Dane, two Friesian horses, a Newfoundland dog, five cats, ducks, tropical fish, chickens, doves and peacocks. When he is not working, he often travels with his wife to a variety of locations, including the Caribbean and various destinations in Europe. He is a...

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  4. Dr. Jan and Diane Pol have been together for more than 5 decades. The youngest of three adopted children, Charles, and his wife Beth welcomed a daughter name...

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    Jan Harm-Pol was born September 4, 1942 in Drenthe in the Netherlands, and he was raised in a simple family, who charrished nature and animals and who had their own little dairy farm. He used to spend a lot of time playing with animals and spending time in nature with his two brothers and three sisters. He was a student at the Utrecht University, and he graduated there and became a veterinary physician. He claims that it was one of his best decisions.

    After he fell in love nad decided to get married with his nowadays wife Diane, they moved to Harbor beach in Michigan. Over ten years, dr.Pol worked for another vetenerian in his practice. After they moved to Weidman,which is a place also in Michigan , they started their own practice called “Pol Veterinary Services” which was stationed in their house. Dr. Pol says that he wanted a little more control over what he was doing so he decided to take things seriously. Because of how dedicated he was, today he is known to wide audience as the main character in The Incredible Dr. Pol. It is a reality TV series showing on National geographic Wild. It is all about his work, people love seeing different animals and enjoy seeing someone help them with whatever problem they have. It’s also about his family and everything they encounter with during their 14 hours working hours.

    Diane Pol, his wife, was born in Mayville, Michigan, and the two of them met when he was a foreign student on exchange at her high School in 1961, her last year before graduation. Sadly, they had a problem with children because after years and years of trying, they couldn’t get one. So, after they got married, they adopted a son and a daughter, Kathy and Charles. The last child they adopted was their daughter Diane, who was their foster child for years and when she turned eighteen they asked her if she wanted to stay with them forever. Since they are very loving parents, she decided to stay. His son, Charles, appears on the show and is also one of the producers, and he has huge respect for his father and his hard work, although he is not sure would he want to continue his business once his father retires. Although he is in America almost all of his life, he still celebrates Saint Nicholas Day with his wife, never to forget his ancestry and where he came from. He sometimes visits The...

    Full name: Jan-Harm Pol Nick name: Dr.Pol Date of birth: 4 September 1942 Birth-sign: Virgo Birth place: Dreathe, Netherlands Age: 75 Occupation: veterinary Education: Utrecht University Awards: NA

    Nationality: Dutch Ethnicity: Caucasian Religion: NA Father name: NA Mother name: NA Brother name: NA Sister name: NA Marital status: married Wife: Diane Pol Sexual Orientation: Straight Children: Charles, Kathy and Diana (they are all adopted) Hobbies: chess Pet own: a whole bunch of dogs and cats

    Height: NA Weight: NA Hair Color: / Eye color: brown Shoe Size: NA Distinctive Features: always smiling

    Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Snapchat: / Youtube: /

    His favorite food is pork chops. Dr. Pol’s children, all three of them, were raised to love animals and they often worked at his veterinary clinic. His favorite sport is soccer, not American football, which proves there is still something European in Dr. Pol Dr. Pol has a big phobia: he is affraid of heights. That is probably why he never takes the plain and is having a hard time travelling back home to Europe overseas. If he didn’t have this phobia, he says, he would spend much more time in his hometown. He fluently speaks four languages: native Dutch, English, French, and German.

    Dr Jan Pol is a veterinary physician who is currently acting in a reality show about him: The Incredible Dr. Pol. He is very famous amongst the fans of the National Geographic channel.

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    Apr 23, 2020 · Caption: Dr. Jan Pol 2020 updates on season 16. After success in one field after the other, Dr. Jan Pol can amass a humongous net worth for himself. While Dr. Jan Pol’s net worth was previously estimated at around $1 million, conflicting 2020 reports suggest it may have grown significantly.

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    Jan-Harm Pol was born on September 4, 1942, in Wateren, Drenthe, the Netherlands. Pol grew up on his family's dairy farm. Pol met his wife Diane Dalrymple as a foreign exchange student at Mayville High School in 1961. In 1970, Pol graduated with a degree in veterinary medicine at Utrecht University.

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    May 09, 2021 · Kathy Pol; Net Worth & Recent Tragic Events. Kathy Pol is the first daughter they adopted from her birth on August 21, 1973, as Kathleen Pol. Kathy is currently 46 years old. She grew up in her parents’ farm is a graduate from Chippewa High School in Remus, Michigan.

  9. Jan 11, 2018 · Some sources estimate Dr. Brenda Grettenberger’s net worth at $100,000 – $250,000. Her yearly income is estimated at around $70,000. We can assume that she has a decent net worth. Having been in veterinary practice for more than 25 years, it is safe to say that she has earned quite a good amount from the profession.

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    Dr. Pol Net Worth 2018. However, inside information is that Dr. It has never been indicated in the show if she is married or in a relationship. Some people believe she is single and others state that she may like be just hiding her private life away from the cameras. Large caravan rental

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