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  1. Here, Janet plays a young victim of child abuse. The "Penny" character is introduced as a child who lies and makes up stories, as an attempt to avoid going home. We soon learn about the abuse Penny is suffering, at the hands of her mother. Chip Fields is very good as Penny's abusive mother. The Evans family and Willona become involved.

  2. Jackson, who played the role of Penny Gordon Woods in Good Times, appeared in a memorable episode titled “The Evans Get Involved,” which dealt with child abuse at the hands of her biological ...

  3. Posted On : May 5, 2021. Janet Jackson. Janet Jackson may be one of the sexiest 54 year olds we’ve ever seen, but neither physical beauty, nor being an icon from the most legendary musical family, was able to shield her from having very low self esteem. The “Rhythm Nation” singer confessed that in interviews, revealing that her self esteem troubles were sparked by incidents that happened on the set of “Good Times,” when she was “Penny.”.

  4. She was the reason I watched Good Times reruns and that was before Janet joined and she rescued Penny from horrifying abuse. I love how they stayed in contact over the years. I remember Ja’Net ...

  5. The episode centers around Janet Jackson’s character, Penny. Penny, barely reaching tall-actor Jimmie Walker’s chest, is a heavily abused and neglected child raised by a young ghetto mamma.

  6. 10 Things You Might Not Know About Good Times. ... They forewent the traditional nine-month gestation period and instead added Janet Jackson as Penny Gordon, an abused child who is abandoned by ...

  7. Her character on Good Times, Penny Gordon Woods, endured brutal physical abuse by her biological mother before she was adopted. As if the scenes weren’t hard enough to watch already, it’s even worse when you consider the alleged physical abuse that Janet's siblings endured at the hands of their father.

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