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  1. Anarquismo es un nombre dado a cualquier filosofía política o social que llame a la oposición y la abolición del Estado entendido como monopolio de la fuerza, y por extensión también al rechazo del gobierno político y de la autoridad considerada impuesta por la fuerza sobre el individuo, por considerarlos innecesarios o nocivos.

  2. Hannah Arendt; Cicero; James Harrington; Thomas Jefferson; John Locke; Niccolò Machiavelli; James Madison; Montesquieu; Polybius; Jean-Jacques Rousseau; Algernon Sidney

  3. The East Coast Greenway is a 3,000-mile (4,800 km) pedestrian and bicycle route between Maine and Florida along the East Coast of the United States.In 2020, the Greenway received over 50 million visits.

  4. Janet C. Hall: New Haven: 1948 1997–2021 2013–2018 2021–present Clinton: 35 ... John A. Woodcock Jr. Portland: 1950 2003–2017 2009–2015 2017–present

  5. John Woodcock 1984 21 Mona is Missing: Shannon Gilligan 1984 22 The Evil Wizard: Andrea Packard 1984 23 The Polar Bear Express: Edward Packard 1984 24 The Mummy's Tomb: Stephanie Spinner 1985 25 The Flying Carpet: Jim Razzi 1985 26 The Magic Path: Julius Goodman 1985 27 Ice Cave: Susan Saunders 1985 28 Fire! R. A. Montgomery 1985 29 The Fairy ...

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    Senator Joe Manchin heavily criticized the decision and said that the acting director of the FDA, Janet Woodcock, "should be quickly replaced." According to The New York Times, the review process for the drug "took several unusual turns, including a decision for the FDA to work far more closely with Biogen than is typical in a regulatory review."

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    Etymology. The word apple, whose Old English ancestor is æppel, is descended from the Proto-Germanic noun *aplaz, descended in turn from Proto-Indo-European *h₂ébōl.. As late as the 17th century, the word also functioned as a generic term for all fruit including nuts—such as the 14th-century Middle English expression appel of paradis, meaning a banana.

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